Poor environmental sanitation

Over the years, the poor environmental sanitation condition has contributed significantly to the high prevalence of communicable disease In the country which include cholera, typhoid etc. as a result of the negative practice and the attitude of the public toward indiscriminate dumping of refuse in our environment (National Environmental Sanitation Policy, 2005).

  1. Poor waste management

In Nigeria, with urbanization, waste product increase in volume and in composition and its impact upon man’s environment and health has intensified. The wrong practice and unplanned urban development result into accumulation of waste and anther unsanitary. And also the refuse bins, which are meant to hold on the refuse before collection are no longer available therefore contributing to waste from households, market, institution and offices being dumped on the streets, roads site, market resulting to environment pollution and hazard (National Environmental Sanitation Policy, 2005).

  1. Adequate portable water supply

According to Abudu (2001) describe water as an essential ingredient for the substance of life. Water in poor quality and inadequate quantity continues to pose a major threat to human health because of the non-chalets attitude of the people. Poor sanitation practice is referred to as condition in the environment, which may have effect on men.

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