Effects of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions on Lending to Small Business Borrowers in Nigeria

Abstract Effects of bank mergers and acquisitions on bank loans to small businesses have raised significant concern among policy makers in Nigeria. Small business lending is a prime example of a banking product likely to be affected by bank consolidations. Although bank consolidations are likely to bring evolution in the banking product market, this kind … Read more

A Study of the Nigerian Foreign Policy under President Olusegun Obasanjo, 1999-2007

ABSTRACT On assumption of office as president, Obasanjo made diplomatic moves to redeem the battered and shattered image of the country which was as a result of the unending transition to democracy, increase in the abuse of fundamental human rights and the regular killing of innocent citizens in the 1990s. This led to the imposition … Read more

An Analysis of the Effects of Online Publications on the Revenue and Employment Levels of The Punch and Thisday Newspapers In Nigeria

ABSTRACT The relationship between communication, readership and development cannot be overemphasized because development agents not only read, they also communicate such knowledge to the people. Newspaper is one of the media for such knowledge communication. This study x-rayed the effects of online publishing for the period 1997 to 2013 on the sales and revenues (profitability), … Read more

Assessment of Library Users Education Programmes in Abia State University and Federal University of Technology, Owerri

ABSTRACT A survey research method was adopted to assess the influence of user education programmes on the acquisition of library skills by students of Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU) and Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO). The population of 18,807 registered student library users was studied. A proportionate sampling technique was used to select a … Read more

Innovation strategies and competitive advantage among commercial banks in Kenya

ABSTRACT The banking industry has been touted as being less competitive bearing in mind the number of commercial banks against the market size. The Central Bank of Kenya introduced new capital adequacy ratios that need to be observed by commercial banks for a healthy sector that saw a number of mergers and acquisitions. Interest rate … Read more

Ethnoscience: Examining Common Sense

Abstract Ethnoscience is a branch of science that studies humans, seeking to understand their modes of interpretation of the world, the diversity of these systems, and their origins (Chomsky 2000, p. 90). In this thesis I trace ideas about naturalistic inquiry into commonsense understanding through Chomsky’s work. I argue that the resulting picture significantly illuminates … Read more

Investigating Problems Second Year University Students Encounter in Developing Writing Skills

Abstract This study to investigate problems encounter university students in promoting writing skills. The main aim of this study to reflect the promoting of writing skills. The data analysis of this study was collected through questionnaire it was design and distributed to (30) second year university students. The respondent to participant in this study this … Read more

Anonymity and Trust in the Electronic World

Abstract Privacy has never been an explicit goal of authorization mechanisms. The traditional approach to authorisation relies on strong authentication of a stable identity using long term credentials. Audit is then linked to authorization via the same identity. Such an approach compels users to enter into a trust relationship with large parts of the system … Read more

Spatial Interference Cancellation and Channel Estimation for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Wireless Communication Systems

CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Wireless communications is the rapidly growth segment of the communication industries. It has captured the attention of media and the imagination of the public, and become one of the necessary elements in the daily life. Since the establishment of cellular systems that experienced drastically growth over the last decade, they are now … Read more

Impact of Integrated Pest Management Technology on Food Security among Mango Farmers in Machakos County, Kenya

ABSTRACT Mango (Mangifera indica) is one of the leading tropical fruits grown in Kenya and is ranked third after banana and pineapples in terms of acreage and total production volume. However, production has fallen below consumption due in part to fruit fly (Bactrocera invadens) infestation. About 40 percent of annual mango production in Kenya estimated … Read more

Effect of an Adhesive Resin on Dental Pulp Cell Apoptosis and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression

Introduction Angiogenesis is a fundamental biological process by which new blood vessels are formed from pre-existing microvasculature. It occurs normally during physiologic and reparative processes such as ovulation and wound healing (Folkman, 1992). Angiogenesis is a highly regulated process that is turned on for brief periods of time by the presence of angiogenic factors and … Read more

Investigation of Gardening, Cultivation and Grazing on the Intunjambili Wetland

Abstract The research was carried out to assess the effects of the management practices on the Intunjambili wetland during the 2005-2006 rainy season. After assessing the effects interventions were supposed to be created that enable sustainable development of the wetland to occur. Changes in the water regime were also to be investigated so as to … Read more

Safety-Checking of Machine Code

ABSTRACT Importing and executing untrusted foreign code has become an everyday occurrence: Web servers download plug-ins and applets; databases load type-specific extensions; and operating systems load customized policies and performance measurement code. Certification of the safety of the untrusted code is crucial in these domains. I have developed new methods to determine statically whether it … Read more

Security System in Online Voting System

1.0 Introduction Voting schemes are one of the most important examples of advanced crypto-graphic protocols with immediate potential for practical applications. Such protocols should of course have security properties similar to those of ordi-nary paper based elections, but the fact that digital communication is used may also open up new possibilities. Informally, the most important … Read more

Conflicts and Conflict Management between the Tiv and their Neighbours in the Benue Valley Region of Central Nigeria, 1900-2001

ABSTRACT A lot of conflicts have characterized Tiv relations with their neighbours in the Benue valley region since post-colonial Nigeria. This has provoked contributions from various scholars attempting to account for the incessant Tiv conflicts with their neighbours and the way forward. In so doing, some have pointed to the nature of the Tiv as … Read more

The Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuation on the Nigerian Economic Growth

ABSTRACT This research work is centred on the impact of exchange rate fluctuation on the Nigeria’s economic growth with special emphasis on purchasing power of the average Nigeria and the level of international trade transaction. Without exchange rate the exchange of goods and services among trading partners will be faced with a lot of problems, … Read more

Choosing between Family Size and Child Schooling: An Application of Becker’s “Quantity – Quality” Model

ABSTRACT World population has been increasing at an increasing rate more so in developing countries. Rapid population growth is exacerbating world development problem and making it more difficult to raise average level of welfare, and raising the level of human capital which is a primary issue in an economy’s development. Kenya’s contribution to this world … Read more

The Effects of Customer Perceived Value on Loyalty; A Case Study Of Safaricom Subscribers in Mombasa County

ABSTRACT The business market is more infiltrated by services and technological communication is a business under rapid change. The traditional use of fixed-line to communicate has been over taken by the new mobile phone services. These new mobile telephone services have created unanticipated value by meeting the customer needs in an unexpected way. Mobile phone … Read more

An Investigation on Factors Influencing Successful Implementation of Projects In Public Secondary Schools In Kenya (A Case Of Baringo District Secondary Schools)

ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to analyse the factors influencing the successful implementation of projects initiated in secondary schools particularly the Public Secondary Schools in Baringo District. The general objective of this study is to investigate, factors that contribute to effective and successful implementation of projects in public Secondary Schools. The specific objectives … Read more

Hushpuppi Allegedly Name Dino Melaye, Linda Ikeji, Daddy Freeze, Among Others As His Accomplices [VIDEO]

Investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has disclosed that alleged fraudster Hushpuppi has named Dino Melaye, Linda Ikeji, Daddy Freeze, and some others as his accomplices. Kemi Olunloyo has been saying this for a very long time now and has confirmed it in a video sighted online but this time around added a few names such as … Read more