RedTacton Technology

RedTacton Technology is a new and emerging technology based on Human Area Networking technology that was introduced by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT’s) who combined TACTON – “touch-act-on” Meaning “action triggered by touching” and RED – It is an auspicious color in Japanese culture for warmth and love, thus creating the name RedTacton. It … Read more

Application of Superconductors in Surge Current Protection

What are Superconductors? A superconductor is a material that achieves superconductivity, which is a state of matter that has no electrical resistance and does not allow magnetic fields to penetrate. An electric current in a superconductor can persist indefinitely. Superconductivity can only typically be achieved at very cold temperatures (Paul, 2021). Combescot (2022) defined superconductivity is a set of physical properties … Read more

Write for US

If you’re reading this, then you probably want to know how to submit a guest post to our blog. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Just keep reading for all the details. We love receiving guest posts from talented writers out there. If you have a great idea for a post, we’d be more … Read more

Can You Get Bali Kratom Red Strain At Affordable Prices?

Kratom is a Southeast Asian herb used to deal with stress and tension, improve attention, improve mood, and aid relaxation. Kratom comes in four colors: red, green, white, and yellow, each with its benefits. Kratom plants are dried and ground into a powder to manufacture tea or pills. Although inhabitants of Southeast Asia chew on … Read more

Homework Assistance: Where Can You Get It?

Description: Students find themselves stuck with home assignments on a regular basis. Check out the main options to get help with homework offered in the article. Who Can Help Students with Homework? We all know that students commonly face a lot of impediments. Sometimes even non-academic reasons lead to academic failure. Many students cannot cope … Read more

Conceptual Review on Revenue and Capital Items

Definition and Explanation of Revenue Expenditures Revenue expenditures are expenses which are incurred in the day to day conduct and administration of business and the effect which is completely exhausted within the current accounting year. These expenditures are recurrent by nature i.e. which are incurred for meeting day to day requirement of a business and … Read more

Conceptual framework on Accounting Concept, Principles, Process and Conventions

Historical Perspective of Accounting In 1494, an Italian Monks and Mathematicians by name “Luca Pacioil” was the first to lay the foundation of the Double entry principle. This was done in his book title “Summa de Arithmetical Geometria et proportionalita”. The book contained a section on double entry principle. In 1504, a section of the … Read more

Bank Services and Method of Payment

Bank services are divided into two:  Corporate Services of Banks Capital Market operation: Company flotation and rotation, breakage activities registrars of company and trustees, issuing house activities Mergers and acquisitions Re-organisation and turn around operation Capital restructuring Project financing Investment Management Portfolio Investment trust Unit trust Loan syndication Debt factoring Banking Services Includes Acceptances of … Read more

Conceptual Review of the Role of Commercial Banking to the Economy

Commercial Bank balance sheet structure This represents a statement of the financial position of the bank on a given date. It contains information relating to the Bank asset holding, liabilities and owner supplied capital, asset represents the resources used by the bank. The liabilities and owner’s equity indicate how those resources are financed. Example of … Read more

Concepts of Money | Origin | Importance or Functions | Characteristics/Qualities | Types

Money is defined as anything that is generally accepted as a medium of exchange (i.e. means of transferring ownership of goods and services from one person to the other) Origin of Money Money has a long history; various items have been used as money at different period and in different places, e.g. shells, animals, elephant … Read more

Claim Settlement

Settlement is defined as an agreement obligating the department of juvenile justice (DJJ) to expand fund to discharge a debt due a person, entity, or group of persons when the amount owed pursuant to a dispute relating to a contract or purchase order, or as a result of another form of indebtedness. Claim settlement involves … Read more

Reinsurance: Arbitrage | Method of Reinsurance | Purpose of Reinsurance

Reinsurance is a means by which insurance company can protect itself with other insurance companies against the risk of losses, individuals and corporations obtain insurance policies to provide protection for various risks (hurricanes, earthquakes collisions, sickness and death etc.) reinsurers in turn provide insurance companies. The company, requesting the cover is called the cedant and … Read more

Forms of Insurance Policy | Marine Insurance | Life Insurance (or Assurance) | Fire Insurance | Accident Insurance

Marine Insurance This kind of insurance consists of insurance cover for both ships and goods against the perils of the sea. They relate to three special areas of risk namely Ship Insurance Cargo Insurance Fright Insurance Ship Insurance: Here the ship owner takes up a policy to cover him against loss of the ship and … Read more

Insurance Policy Renewal

Insurance policy is the contract containing insurance contract it is not contract on its own rather it is the documented contract. Insurance can be said to be a risk bearing institution and they carry out this work through documented contracts that can expire after and agreed period of time. By this period of time of … Read more