Keys to Financial Success

1. Money Comes to Those Who First Save 10% of Their Income
Saving 10 percent of your income does four things for you. First, it provides money for investment. Second, it makes you more confident. You don’t have to worry about little money emergencies. It create pride in you for yourself control. Third, having money allows you to take advantage of opportunities and your self confidence will tend to attract more opportunities. Fourth, it gives your family security and your retirement security.

2. Learn Before You Earn
Develop a good knowledge base of money and investing before you start earning. Endeavour to read books, listen to tapes, attend classes and study people who are genuinely rich – Not pleasure seekers.

3. Be a Positive Thinker
In any of your course of action, look into the positive side of it and take action. Looking into the negative part kills constructivism. Also refrain from dwelling with negative thinkers. Taking action involves focusing on the upside. If you never take action, you will never gain success or the experience needed for success. Try something today, the worse that can happen if you don’t succeed is a minor setback that you learn from. Cultivate the habit of putting all your best into what you are doing with the hope that you will succeed. If you then succeed, that is it. And if you don’t, just dust yourself and learn from it – Maybe it wasn’t the best thing for you to do. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you plunge blindly. Prepare yourself with the best possible advice and training. You must anticipate the problems and show commitment in order to gain the benefits. Don’t let your negative thinking and that of others scare you away from taking actions

4. Invest in Areas You Are Passionate About.
The engine that drives success is passion. If you love what you do, passion carries you true the challenges and the occasional rough spots in your paths. People hardly succeed in something they don’t care about. There are a lot of thing you could do. Invest your time and money in the ones that you really care about.

5. Avoid Investing in Things That are Too Good to be True
You may lose money if you invest with the mind of receiving a very high return under a short period of time, this may be scam artists and crooks after your money. Every deal that involves a loser and a winner like the commodities markets and gambling are not the best for you as an investment plan. In investing, target the long term investment that bring result between 5 to 10 years.

6. To Succeed, You Have to Start Now
Get your good ideas or intentions into action now. Very many people have those same good ideas and intentions, but could not succeed because they never took action. Don’t be afraid to commit yourself. Do it now. Actions make things to happen for you. The more action you take, the more you will learn to take a smarter action next time. We gain experience from learning from our mistake and not your successes.

7. Build Your Own Habits
Turn your actions to your habits. Creating a habit, routine activities makes your work easier and free you up for more creative activities. Habits keeps you going even if you don’t fill like or there are some barriers.

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