The importance of skill acquisition to empower citizens of a country to shoulder their responsibilities

Skills acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become expert in it. Someone who has acquired skills on how to perform a particular job and make money from it that person or people makes their many full-time because of what they have already acquired. They don’t even stress themselves much before they are able to make their money. This is so because they are experts. In what they do and the service they render is easy and yet make it big.

Today, there are many unemployed graduate in the world. One of the problems of the education system of Africa is that it lacks imparting of skills on student.

Labour congress, in 2013, Africa had the highest unemployment rate. The truth remain that the major causes of the unemployment among these vibrant youths is lack of skill to back up what they learnt in the institutions of learning. Because when their graduate were skill in school, they did not border to learn at best a single skill, maybe that which is related in computer card, designing, typing, plumbing electric maintenance and others.

In they have learnt any skill at all, the rate of unemployment will reduce among them. Skills can do a lot of great work in the life of corruption. The importance of skill acquisition includes; self employment, diverse job opportunities, employment generation, effective function and crime reduction.

  1. SELF employment: A skill acquired man is a self employed man. There are so many self employed today due to the skill they acquired, and they don’t border themselves in carrying file from one office to another in search of job. A self employed person never find it difficult to fend for his family because the skill he/her acquired provide many for him on daily basis, they are boss on their own.
  2. Diverse job opportunity: This focus on one who acquires many skill, such person stand the chance of gaining job from many establishments. This people can do many functions due to the series of skill possessed.
  3. Employment generation: Many government are skill funding, it is difficult to provide jobs for citizen because the citizen are lacking important skill they need. There will be a lot of job generated for the citizen of every country if the citizen is well equipped with skills. This is why it is necessary for government to organized skill acquisition programme for masses as this will go a long way in providing jobs for others. Someone who is well equipped on any field can train his/her fellow citizens. When this citizen matures in such field, they start earning from the skill they acquired from their master. This how the newly trained in that field will train other persons, and employment generation keeps on growing in such circle. And they will be to carry any responsibility which may come their way e.g family, social or country responsibility.
  4. Effective function: Organization that employ skillful workers to assist in their organization duties lose nothing at all because there will be always effective functions performed by the employee. This is because the employee has acquired necessary skill needed for him to perform the work as designed by the organization. The knowledge he gained from the training or that specific job makes him to do the organization’s works as designed by the management of the organization. When a man has money he will be able to function well in financial aspect. And one way to achieve this is by acquisition of skills that will help him render good services and make money in turn for any responsibilities.
  5. Crime reduction: Skill acquisition reduces the crime rate in many nations. A person begins to think on many dirty activities they will do to make money when they do not have anything to call job of their own. But with acquired skill by an individual, he works and makes and earn.

In conclusion skills acquisition is important to every man, both graduate or undergraduate person. A skillful man speaks with confidence while non-skillful talk with fear.

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