How To Make Money Online As A Coach/Consultant

The internet is the perfect place to grow your business as a coach or consultant in almost any field. The web gives you an opportunity to display your expertise in a variety of formats including writing, audio clips or video. All of these methods give you the opportunity to reach a global audience full of thousands of potential new clients. In return they all get a chance to “try out” your coaching or consultant style and level of expertise before they commit to a long term and possibly expensive contract.

Here are five ways that you can grow your business online as a coach or consultant:
1. Free or paid newsletters – A news letter is a great way to introduce yourself to subscribers and give them helpful tips, information and strategies. You can offer two subscription levels – free subscription available to anyone and paid model where you can give more thorough information to paid subscribers.

2. Articles – As a coach you can write articles that give specific information about the subjects or topics that interest your niche. Articles provide a quick way for readers to learn more about you way of thinking and develop the level of trust that you will need to gain new customers.

3. Ebooks – A further step from articles and special reports would be e-books. This could allow you to go into more detail about what you offer as a coach or consultant. E-books can be very resourceful because they save time so that you don’t have to repeatedly go over the same information with multiple clients. For instance, if you are a marriage and relationship consultant there are some topics that are universal to all marriages. Instead of constantly saying the same thing to each couple that consults you, you can refer them to your e-book. At the same time you will generate a new income stream.

4. Audio and Video Samples – Audios samples offer a good way to give instructions an certain topics and allow listeners to hear you and begin to bond with you through the use of audio. These audio samples may include interviews, tips, podcast or radio shows. Coaches that teach physical skills may have to use videos to demonstrate the proper way to complete certain tasks. For example, it is much easier to teach someone how to paint a picture rather than write the instruction in an article or e-book. The visual aspects of some skills are very important to learning and video is a better format to present this type of training.

5. Teleseminars – One of the most popular marketing tool of coaches and consultants is the use of teleseminars. In as little as 45 minutes or less you can take a prospect from being completely unfamiliar with your product or services to someone who is totally convince that they must have you as a coach in order to survive. Teleseminars allow potential clients to learn all of the benefits of your service while investing nothing more than their time and attention.

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