Achieve A Permanent Weight Loss By Getting Your Motor Rolling
I have trained many people over the years. I have trained the young, old, overweight, underweight, athletic and sedentary. There is one key element they must have before I will even begin to train them. They must be ready and willing to change their lifestyle. You must be willing to make change to your eating habits and exercise on a regular basis. You must be willing to cut back on certain foods and fine time in your busy schedule for exercise. I can’t tell you how many people expect major change for very little effort. (Hence all of the fad diets and weight-loss-in-a-pill products) Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way! I don’t do diets! I demand that people stop the quick-fix mentality and start investing in permanent lifestyle change. Ooohhhhh, I know that sounds so scary right now but I’m not talking about giving up chocolate cake and pizza for the rest of your life. I’m talking about moderation and more importantly-BALANCE, So you need to take a hard look at your lifestyle, commitment level and the importance of this changes in your life.
Are you ready?
Start with the KISS plan…
Keep It Simple Stupid
Being healthy is NOT rocket science.
·         Educate yourself so there is no doubt in your mind about how you should be exercising and what you should be eating.
·         Surround yourself with the people, places and things that will aid your success.
·         Don’t overanalyze everything…JUST DO IT! Sure, you will screw up but you will learn from those mistakes.
“But I have tried and fail so many times before.” Let me ask you… was it a balanced basically-make-you-miserable-program?
Diet programs that make unrealistic claims and ask you to eliminate key elements of a balances diet DO NOT WORK!
The key word is BALANCE!

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen” Frank Lloyd Wright
My program is very simple…
Know your goals. You must know why you want to make changes and more importantly ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE? Many of us want to lose weight and become fit but when it comes down to it, we don’t want to do the work or change our lifestyle. You must have a ready mind and an open heart before any positive changes can take place. We are going to talk more about theses areas later.
Believe you can do it! No matter how many times you have started new “diets” and “fads workouts” know that you have the ability to change. You are the only thing stopping you from SUCCESS. You must believe that optimal health is within your reach.
Like Nike says JUST DO IT! Do what you need to do for your physical health but also your mental and spiritual health. By achieving better health you reward yourself with more energy, self-confidence, better attitude and an empowered spirit. There is no limit to what you can achieve.
So what do you do first?
Let’s start with four questions…I want you to write down answers and thoughts to the following on a piece of paper. We will use these notes later.
1.   Am I ready to make the changes necessary to live a healthier, more active life?
·         Why are you doing this? For your health? Family? Someone else?
·         Are you satisfied with your health, fitness level, confidence, energy level?
BE honest! Check all that apply to you:
        I take responsibility for the current condition of my body.
I am ready to make the necessary healthy changes to diet. Even if it means cutting back on my favourite fatty and high calorie foods.
I am ready to start exercising regularly? Will I find time to fit into my already busy schedule?
I am looking for a permanent weight loss NOT a quick fix that only lasts a short time.
I understand that achieving weight loss is a step towards better health. I know that my entire problem will NOT magically go away when I lose the weight.
I want to lose weight for me and my health. NOT simply because my doctor, spouse and society says so.
I will NOT start conversations about exercise with “I can’t do that because…”.
I WILL NOT quit because I’m not seeing results fast enough.
I refuse to accept a life of defeat.
If you checked most of these boxes you are one step closer to wellness success. It’s really important for you to understand that this journey is going to require effort, dedication and patience. If you didn’t check most of the boxes above you may not be ready for lifestyle change. This journey is not an easy one. If you must be ready…mind, body and soul. There is no way you will make a complete transformation if you are not open to change. You will just continue on the yo-yo start-and-stop of yet another program. Search your heart. See if you can dig down deep enough this time to pull out what you need to achieve success. I know you have it in you! It’s just up to you to dig deep enough and search your spirit hard enough to make it stick this time.
2. What is my motivation?
·         What is in our future if we don’t change our unhealthy habits?
·         Don’t we owe it to our family?…especially our children?
Let’s take a minute to do a really eye opening exercise.
1.   Move forward to the time when your children (child) are grown. If you do not have children use another family member or friend. I want you to write their biography as if you died today. What will your child’s (or other) life be like? How will it affect them if you keep on the path you are on right now?
2.   Now write the biography as if you make the changes you know you need to make. How will their life be affected if you make better choices and lifestyle changes, today!
WOW, eye opening stuff. If this doesn’t put things into perspective for you I don’t know what will!
3. Where do I start?
·         What are your (realistic) short-term, long-term and motivational goals?
·         Make a plan using a daily log book.
·         Visualize your success!
·         Meditate/Pray for encouragement at moments of weakness and to regain focus.
·         Educate yourself on what and how you need to eat and exercise.
4. How do I take action?
·         Don’t diet! Make healthy lifestyle changes. People don’t fail at diets, diets fail people!
·         Find what exercise you like and make it a priority! No more excuses.
·         Educate yourself on how, what and when to eat healthfully.
·         Find someone who will encourage you, build you up and be firm with you (in a loving way). You need someone to hold you accountable! Hire a trainer or ask a friend…don’t go it alone.
·         JUST DO IT! No more excuses! Refuse to accept a life of defeat!
So what do you think? ARE YOU READY? Are you willing to do the things I just told you about? You know what you MUST do. Do it now.
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