Signs and symptoms of stress

When an individual is undergoing a stressful situation, there are some noticeable characteristics which are usually exhibited by the individual; and this can be meaning fully referred to as signs and symptoms of stress. These signs and symptoms of stress can be categorised in terms of the type of stress the individual is faced with:

·         Cognitive stress,

·         Emotional stress,

·         Physical stress, and

·         Behavioural stress.

1.    Cognitive symptoms: An individual undergoing a cognitive stress experiences some signs and symptoms such as memory loss, poor concentration ability, impaired judgement, negative approach toward life, anxiety coupled with frequent racing thought and persistent worrying over what the future has in stock for him/her.

2.    Emotional symptoms: Stress can give rise to situations which emotions of an individual thereby exposing the individual to emotional stress which results to irritable feeling and temperament, constant agitating behaviour leading to difficulties in getting enough rest, overwhelming feeling,feeling isolated or lonely which makes the individual to be depressed and have a feeling of general unhappiness.

3.    Physical symptoms: Stress can also exhibit itself in form of physical signs and symptoms causing the individual to feel pains. This can occur in the form of aches and pains, constipation (poor bowel movement) and diarrhoea (too frequent bowel movement), nauseating feeling and light-headedness, pain in the chest region as a result of a rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure, poor libido and frequent flu infection.

4.    Behavioural symptoms: Behavioural symptoms associated with stress involves eating too little or too more as a result ofanxiety, poor sleep habits which can be in the form of sleeping too little or too much, always wanting to be alone from people for some very vague reasons,procrastination and general negligent attitude towards obligations/responsibilities, abusing alcohol, cigarette, sex and drug in search for satisfaction and relaxation and engaging in nervous attitudes such as biting of nails, moving up and down aimlessly.

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