Street Hawking and its Impacts on Urban Space

Introduction Most capital cities are fast undergoing rapid urbanization which has been associated with a number of development challenges. Key among these challenges is deterioration in urban environment and urban poverty (Macharia, 2013). Most capital cities in the world are expanding rapidly both in human population, buildings and infrastructure. These cities face many problems such … Read more

The Green Building Option: Exploring Environmentally Sustainable Building in Residential Building Designs

Introduction The issue about sustainable (green) building is becoming increasingly relevant globally, especially in the real estate sector. A 2013 McGraw-Hill Construction global report found that 51% of architects, engineers, contractors and consultants and building owners‟ surveyed in over 62 countries say it is likely more than 60% of their work will be “green” by … Read more

The Potential of Roof Catchment as a Flood Management Strategy

Introduction Among the natural phenomena, flood is one of the biggest destroying factors in developing countries which always bring numerous people’s life, property and assets to the hazard. The growing population, urban development and industrialization are the main factors that have undesirable consequences in the hydrology of watershed region in the cities. developing countries experience … Read more