How Summarizing Can Transform Your Study Game

Summarizing is a powerful technique for distilling complex information into a concise, digestible format. But to effectively summarize, one must have a strong grasp of the basic tenets. This section will go in-depth on the concepts of summarising, covering topics like how to discover a text’s key points, how to effectively condense and paraphrase information, … Read more

Translation Services in Saudi Arabia: Importance and Offerings by Tanweir for Translation Services

Translation service in Saudi

Introduction Translation services play a crucial role in the global business industry, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia where there is a high demand for communication between different languages. The growth of the translation industry in Saudi Arabia can be attributed to its expanding economy, increasing foreign investment, and growing population of expatriates. Tanweir for … Read more

Technical Secondary School Leavers and Employment Opportunities

Statement of problem Technical education has assumed an important role in Kenya’s development. This has been largely due to the manifestations of the inherent limitations of formal schooling. As school-leaver unemployment problem becomes more and more acute this seems to indicate to the need to reform the formal school system to adopt a practical bias. … Read more