Innovation strategies and competitive advantage among commercial banks in Kenya

ABSTRACT The banking industry has been touted as being less competitive bearing in mind the number of commercial banks against the market size. The Central Bank of Kenya introduced new capital adequacy ratios that need to be observed by commercial banks for a healthy sector that saw a number of mergers and acquisitions. Interest rate … Read more

The Effects of Customer Perceived Value on Loyalty; A Case Study Of Safaricom Subscribers in Mombasa County

ABSTRACT The business market is more infiltrated by services and technological communication is a business under rapid change. The traditional use of fixed-line to communicate has been over taken by the new mobile phone services. These new mobile telephone services have created unanticipated value by meeting the customer needs in an unexpected way. Mobile phone … Read more

An Investigation on Factors Influencing Successful Implementation of Projects In Public Secondary Schools In Kenya (A Case Of Baringo District Secondary Schools)

ABSTRACT The purpose of this study is to analyse the factors influencing the successful implementation of projects initiated in secondary schools particularly the Public Secondary Schools in Baringo District. The general objective of this study is to investigate, factors that contribute to effective and successful implementation of projects in public Secondary Schools. The specific objectives … Read more