Diwali Decorations – Home Pooja Mandir Design Ideas 2024

A very special corner in our Indian homes, that elevates the spiritual quotient of the house and that connects you with your inner, spiritual self would be the pooja room. A temple is the most integral part of the house, hence the right placement, the right design, everything becomes very crucial.

Numerous factors like vastu specific direction, the home temple designs, the color scheme of the pooja room, the accents, etc have to be kept into account to set the space and make it even more tranquil and perfect. Speaking about the pooja mandir or the home temple, there are innumerable designs and options to choose from. Here are some of the most trending design ideas that we will see brimming the most this year in most of our Indian homes. 

Mandir cabinet design with an OM imprint:

The word ‘Om’ in Hinduism is a sacred sound, that is considered as a reverberating sound of the universe, one that encompasses the past, the present and the future, all within it. In almost every Hindu temple, you will find the symbol engraved on the domes or the walls of the temple. Recreating a similar aesthetic in the home temples would help you to create the same spiritual ambience of a temple at home. Engraving the ‘Om’ symbol on the back panel of the mandir will also give the pooja room a focal point.

Mandir with jali panels:

A jali panel is basically an ornamental pattern used in stones to create a latticed screen that looks like a weave that allows the rays of the sun to enter the rooms in a beautiful pattern. We have often noticed that a lot of home temples that are available in the market in both stone and wood come with jali panels on the side to make them look visually stunning and look ornate. The jali paneled look would fit in seamlessly in any set up and design at home because of how versatile it is.

Designing the walls of the pooja room behind the mandir:

After the installation of the mandir is complete in a pooja room, there is always the question of ‘what should the wall behind the mandir look like?’ The answer is simple. The pooja room is a place of serenity and keeping it minimal and simple would be ideal since too much would get a bit chaotic, contrary to what a pooja room should feel like. Try and keep the color palette in unanimity with the color of the temple. Opting for neutral tones would add the right amount of sophistication and delight to the pooja rooms. This color scheme will also make the pooja room look bright. There are also plenty of great options available in the market for pooja room wall tiles for you to choose the best for your pooja rooms.

Marble pooja mandir with wooden flooring:

Of all the combinations, the one that comes together like a perfect couple, that looks elegant and adds the right amount of richness in your homes would be that of marble and wood. Wood look tiles are obviously super appealing and can instantly make any room look a class apart. A marble pooja mandir would add grandeur to the brown colored flooring and it will be a perfect balance of cool and warmth. If not for a perfectly laminated wooden flooring, you can also opt for wood look tiles that will save you the hassles of maintaining a wooden flooring and give you the same look and feel!

Partitions to differentiate mandir and other rooms:

When you create a partition between the mandir and the other rooms you are creating a distinct and separate area for the mandir, thus giving it an identifiable space in the house. You can do so by placing segregators around the corners of the temple area and transforming it without really compromising the space.

Closet of holiness:

For those homes that are super short on space, yet wish to have an exclusive space assigned to the home temple, you can consider making a closet just for the mandir. You can decide to design the closet in a way that fits in your temple and also a few shelves for your pooja necessities. This is a perfect way to keep your pooja space private and non intrusive for those visitors coming over.

Adding decor details:

Preferably, pooja rooms are designed in a way that they exude modesty and simplicity, since it is a place of worship where one can feel relaxed and spiritually elevated. A pooja room which is minimally designed will fit into any corner of your homes without any extra effort. Having said that, adding decor details like frames or a panel as a background will create an interesting appeal to the pooja rooms. Also adding some traditional oil lamps or even electric lamps that would sparkle up the pooja room is an option to consider.

To design a home pooja mandir, it is not necessary to go guns blazing and spend a lot of money to make one. Simple and effective ideas like these are sure to help you create a pooja room you’ve always wished for without burning a hole in your pocket. These ideas will also help you in transforming your existing pooja rooms if you’re looking at renovating your homes.

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