Students of Adani Vidya Mandir Pledge to Plant 25,000 Saplings in The Next 3 Years

The Adani Group has always been a major initiator of green initiatives in the country. Time and again, the conglomerate has taken up multiple steps aimed at leading our country towards a greener future. Even amidst the Adani investigation, the business group has taken up various projects that are focused on green development. Recently, on their 12th Annual Day, Utkarsh, the students of Adani Vidya Mandir, dedicated the celebration of the day to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a part of the celebration, over 600 students studying at the school pledged to plant over 25,000 saplings within 3 years. The trees will be planted both within and outside the school premises. This included the plantation of mangrove trees in the coastal areas of Bhadreshwar.

The Utkarsh Event

As a part of Utkarsh, the students highlighted the importance of living in harmony with nature. Utkarsh was also used as a platform to showcase the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals which the United Nations had laid aside. The students prepared various working models on water conservation and environmental awareness. Skits, songs, and poetries were also performed during the event to make more people aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

Through the various happenings of the day, the audience was also made aware of the vitality of the sustainable development goals. SDGs have always been an important part of the school’s curriculum. The event also highlighted the importance of preserving coastal biodiversity. Kutch, despite having a wonderful culture and vibrancy, is a fragile ecosystem constantly exposed to dynamic climatic change. So, through its event, the Adani Group tried to make people aware of the need to protect the environment, especially the coastal areas, which are constantly exposed to nature’s impact. This event took place after the Supreme Court asked SEBI to speed up the Adani investigation.

Adani Vidya Mandir: An Overview

Adani Vidya Mandir is a school run by the Adani Group’s CSR wing, the Adani Foundation. The school operates under the aegis of the Adani Foundation. It has been offering free education to underprivileged children since 2012. The school admits first-generation learners, especially from the fisherfolk communities living in and around Bhadreswar in the Kutch region of Gujarat. The experienced teachers at the school offer the desired education to the students from socio-economic backward communities so that they can grow up into responsible individuals and earn a source of livelihood for themselves.

The school is affiliated to the Gujarat State Education Board(GSEB). It offers free schooling to students in classes 1 to 10. This includes covering uniforms, textbooks, tuition fees, and nutritional meals. In 2022, the institute became the first GSEB-affiliated Gujarati medium school which received NABET accreditation. This was a huge milestone for the Adani Group in the education sector. It also highlights the commitment of the Adani Foundation towards making education available for all.

Adani Vidya Mandir was also recently offered recognition for its excellent contribution to the field of education. The school was given the title of “Education Excellence: Empowering India Awards 2024” for educating underprivileged children from different classes of society. Adani Vidya Mandir also believes in offering critical lessons to the students, which involve morals and values education. This will help the students in becoming responsible citizens of the country. They will also be able to do their part for the nation and bring significant reforms in society.

Adani Foundation: Adani Group’s CSR Wing

The Adani Foundation, which is the CSR wing of the Adani Group, was founded in 1996. Since its initial days of foundation, it has been actively involved in various community engagement activities. It has made various strategic social investments for sustainable development in India. The foundation is also dedicated to empowering the lives of children, youth, women and the deprived communities by offering them education and sustainable livelihood. The company has also taken multiple steps towards preventing climatic deterioration. The foundation’s strategies are strongly aligned with the goals of global sustainability development. Presently, the Adani Foundation operates in 5,753 villages across 19 Indian states. It is also positively impacting the lives of over 7.3 million people on a yearly basis.


In this way, the Adani Group has always been focused on improving the living conditions of people living in different parts of India. Even when the Adani investigation was ongoing, the conglomerate continued to carry out its CSR operations with full force. In the upcoming years as well, the Adani Group plans to take up multiple initiatives to bring about transformation in society and change the living conditions of deprived individuals.

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