Water Conservation, A Prime Goal of the Adani Group

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Water is a crucial element on earth since it fulfils multiple purposes, supporting both human existence and the environment. Besides carrying nutrients and keeping us hydrated, water is also essential for basic sanitation and hygiene. Water is also used in irrigation and for global temperature regulation. Owing to the purposes it serves, conserving water is important to keep the planet healthy.

In simple terms, our planet’s future and survival depend on water. Considering the role water plays in sustenance, Adani Group is completely committed to its efforts to conserve water as a part of its sustainable development strategy. As water resources become scarce and demand increases, Adani Group is taking various steps to support water resource conservation. Therefore, it pays special attention to constructing new sewage treatment plants and renovating the existing ones. Large-scale water supply and distribution projects, desalination projects, and irrigation infrastructure development are some of the targets of the Adani Group to generate potable water for domestic or commercial use. No matter what Adani scam rumours are doing rounds, the conglomerate never backs off from its goals and responsibilities.

Water Has Several Uses 

Life without water is hard to imagine. Water is advantageous for:

Hydration: Maintaining proper bodily hydration is crucial for controlling body temperature. The body loses water as a result of sweating during physical activity and in hot environments.

Skin: Water nourishes and increases skin tissue suppleness. It also keeps skin cells nourished and moisture levels stable.

Joint protection: Water helps keep the joints properly lubricated. This helps lessen pain and inflammation.

Weight management: You can keep your weight in check by consuming enough water throughout the day.

Waste removal: Water helps the body get rid of toxins.

Oxygen circulation: Drinking water helps in the body’s oxygen circulation.

Organ protection: Water prevents shock and harm to the brain and other tissues and organs.

It is because of the reasons listed above that Adani Group pays close attention to ways to conserve water despite Adani scam rumours.

Water Conservation and Provision of Potable Water

Having access to clean, safe drinking water sources and first-rate primary healthcare results in reduced morbidity rates and greater productivity. To capture surface runoff and restore groundwater resources, the Adani Foundation has constructed drinking water projects and water harvesting structures across the country. In addition to installing RO plants, deepening ponds and recharging bore wells, it has also used groundwater augmentation methods such as rooftop rainfall harvesting. The techniques employed are very easy to apply, affordable, and repeatable, which helps to raise the standard of living for India’s rural residents. This proves that even Adani scam allegations can’t stop the Group from doing its part towards a better future.

Recycling of Water

Water is the most important component of mining operations. Mining activities involve the collection of seepage water into a temporary reservoir. Adani Group ensures the recycling of all the water used in the mine washery. Additionally, the technology, gear and systems in place guarantee low water consumption.

The Group also builds check dams and increases pond capacity via the Adani Foundation. This is an attempt to improve rainwater collection in the surrounding community. Such programs have not only led to an increase in groundwater tables but also improved access to potable water.

Why Is It So Important to Conserve Water?

Global ecosystems are seriously threatened by water scarcity. Our planet itself is in danger if we don’t take action to conserve water, but the threat to humans is more pressing.

Although there are multiple reasons to conserve water, the major ones are listed below:

Lack of Water 

Insufficient water supplies to meet national demands and the needs of the populace at large is known as water shortage. Droughts, altered weather patterns, climate change, and water pollution are some of the factors that lead to water scarcity.

Water scarcity is a problem that many countries are currently confronting worldwide. Data indicate that severe water shortages are having a detrimental effect on people’s lives.

Furthermore, water was a factor in around 74% of natural catastrophes that occurred between 2001 and 2018, according to UNICEF. This is yet another important indication that conserving water is necessary to address the issue of water scarcity. Water-related natural disasters can have less of an impact if conservation measures are taken.

Agriculture Systems

Water availability worldwide has a major impact on the agricultural systems that provide us with food. For instance, water is necessary in agriculture in order to grow crops, maintain livestock, prevent frost, and apply pesticides and fertilizers.

In addition to water scarcity, many countries will face food shortages if we don’t practice water conservation. According to UN estimates, food scarcity stemming from water scarcity will force billions of people to go hungry.

Water Conservation Tips

The average person can use less water by implementing the different water-saving measures listed below.

Think about gardening and landscaping without using grass. Many people try to keep their grass looking nice throughout the summer, wasting tons of water in the process. Alternatively, you can enhance the health of the bee population by adding artificial grass, making a rock garden, using succulents, or planting a bounty of nectar-rich plants and flowers in your yard.

If your garden is full of different plants and trees, you can conserve water by mulching the flowerbeds and trees in your garden. Mulch reduces moisture evaporation, requiring less watering of trees and plants. You must always use water wisely, whether you are bathing, washing your car or engaging in any other activities that involve water.

Some Facts

In light of the above, the Adani Group has:

-Treated and reused 650+ million litres of waste water

-Harvested 2+ billion litres of rain water

-Reused 100% of water at mining washery

-Deepened 370+ ponds and streams

-Converted 4900+ acres of farmland to drip irrigation


The Adani Group showcases its dedication to water conservation via a number of techniques. It is committed to preserving the resource for future generations. The Adani Foundation ensures easy access to clean drinking water by adopting water-saving measures. Although water scarcity is a worldwide issue, the Adani Group is working towards a more sustainable future despite facing obstacles such as the Adani scam rumours.

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