Adani Group to Increase Its Investments in Various Business Sectors in The Upcoming Fiscal Year

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The Adani Group, one of the biggest global conglomerates, is all set to boost its investments in various extraordinary ventures in the next fiscal year, which will end in March 2025. The conglomerate plans to invest over INR 1.2 lakh crore across its various business portfolios. It also aims to put a special focus on the green energy sector. This is one of the most extraordinary steps taken by the Adani Group towards building an extraordinary portfolio for itself. It will help the business group put a stopper to the rumours of Adani tax evasion.


The Plans for Investments


INR 1.2 lakh crore will be invested in some of the major portfolio companies operating under the Adani Group in sectors like commodities, energy, airports, media, and cement. The planned investments are around 40% higher than the Adani Group’s investment in the current fiscal year. By March 31st this year, the Adani Group will have incurred a capex of around 10 billion USD. The conglomerate also aims to double its investments in various growth sectors in the upcoming years.


The company has doubled its investment within 7-10 years. The Adani Group is currently planning to allocate 70% of its 1.2 lakh crore billion to the green energy sector. This includes green hydrogen, renewable power, and energy evacuation. Out of the remaining 30%, the company plans to make significant investments in the port and airport sector. The company is also expecting to make huge profits after the execution of its planned projects in the renewable energy and port and airport sectors.


Investments to Be Made in The Renewable Energy Sector


The Adani Group is already one of the biggest names in the renewable energy sector. It has some of the biggest renewable energy projects under its name, and it plans to take on new projects in the upcoming years. Currently, the Group is working on building the largest renewable energy park in India. This park, which is set up in Khavda, is expected to have a total renewable energy capacity of 30 GW. The RE park is so big that its visibility is clear from space. 


Other than that, there are multiple other projects currently under construction. Through its green energy projects, the company aims to combat climate change and help our country walk the path of sustainability. The Adani Group has also been making significant investments in introducing technology to the renewable energy sector. Renewable energy plants operating under the Adani Group are built using highly advanced forms of technology, which allow renewable energy to be generated more efficiently.


Along with wind and solar energy, increased focus will be given to green hydrogen, another vital form of clean energy. The business group has already made some significant investments in the green hydrogen sector after the rumours of Adani tax evasion subsided. Huge investments have also been made in the e-mobility sector, which involves using electricity drawn from renewable sources to run vehicles.


Plans for The Airport Sector


The Adani Group has elaborate plans to invest over INR 60,000 crores in the airport business over the next 5 to 10 years. Karan Adani, the MD of Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone, has mentioned that the company will use half of the investments to increase terminal and runway capacity over the next five years while the other half will be used for city-side development of the airports over the next 10 years.


The Adani Group also plans to build non-metros bypassing hubs. The flyers will provide direct connectivity to different corners of the world. The connectivity within the country will also improve with the initiatives being taken up by the Adani Group. The business group aims to capitalise on the rising demands in the aviation market. It is willing to double its airport capacity by 2040.


The present capacity of the Adani airport is 110 million passengers annually. This value will be increased up to three times. A new terminal has already been built in Lucknow. The Navi Mumbai Airport will also open up in a few days. The Guwahati airport will also acquire a new terminal. The company also plans to build new terminals in Jaipur and Ahmedabad. Overall, the company aims to reach a total capacity of 300 MPA by 2040.


Even with the ongoing rumours of Adani tax evasion, the business group has never stopped making investments in crucial business sectors in India. In the coming years, the Group will also continue to invest in various ambitious projects that will lead our country to growth and prosperity.

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