How To Fix Broken Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped covers placed over damaged teeth to restore their shape, appearance and function. Over time, wear and tear and physical stresses can lead to crown damage resulting in cracks, fractures, or crowns falling out completely. When such dental crown emergencies occur, prompt repair is needed to avoid additional oral health issues.

This guide from the emergency dentists at Emergency Dentist London Pro will cover:

  • Steps to fix loose, cracked and broken crowns
  • Understanding crown repair vs replacement procedures
  • Options for temporary and permanent dental crown repairs
  • Estimated costs to fix broken crowns in the UK

Follow these best practices for protecting damaged teeth and gums if you experience a painful or frustrating dental crown emergency.

What To Do If Your Crown Breaks or Falls Out

  • Contact our emergency dentist office immediately to schedule repair treatment
  • Avoid chewing on the affected side
  • Carefully try to place broken crown pieces back in place temporarily

Evaluating Crown Damage

  • Exam checks for decay or gum damage under loose crowns
  • Testing surrounding tooth integrity to assess repair needs

Crown Repair vs Replacement Procedures

  • Minor chips or cracks may be repairable by bonding
  • Severely damaged crowns likely need custom replacement
  • Impressions and temp crowns protect teeth during lab fabrication

Restoring Broken Crowns Temporarily

  • Plastic or metal temporary crowns serve as short term tooth protection
  • Enable eating and tooth functionality while awaiting permanent crowns

Custom Crown Fabrication + Placement

  • Advanced 3D digital scan and design technologies
  • Precise milling and custom staining/shading for natural matches
  • Local anesthesia offered during potentially sensitive procedures
  • Careful bite adjustment ensures durability and longevity

Additional Crown Repair Procedures

  • Treating infections with root canals before crown prep
  • Building up decayed tooth structure with fillings and inlays
  • Placing dental posts to anchor crowns on endodontically-treated teeth

Protecting Dental Crown Investments

  • Excellent oral hygiene and regular dental cleanings
  • Avoid very hard, sticky, chewy foods
  • Get loose or painful crowns evaluated quickly

Repairing crowns early prevents additional oral health issues needing extensive, costly procedures later. Our experienced dentists provide quality emergency crown repair and replacement for long-lasting smiles. Contact our London Emergency Dentist Clinic today to schedule urgent treatment.

Immediate Steps If Your Dental Crown Breaks

While dislodged or fractured dental crowns can’t always be avoided, stay calm if you experience this common dental emergency. Here the steps:

  • Remove any broken crown pieces carefully and contact our emergency dentist office to schedule urgent repair treatment
  • Gently clean the exposed tooth area and surrounding teeth as best possible with a soft brush
  • Rinse your mouth out with warm salt water to keep the area clean
  • Be very gentle biting or chewing on the affected side of your mouth to avoid further damage
  • Try placing any intact portions of the crown back onto the tooth temporarily if it is still intact on one side

Avoid using adhesives or cements to try sticking the crown back into place at home as you may accidentally glue the crown to the gums or surrounding teeth. This can injure oral tissues trying to pry it loose later. Any crown pieces should be brought to your dental appointment for analysis.

How Dental Crowns Are Repaired by Emergency Dentists

Whether dental crowns fail due to injury, excessive bites and grinds, or underlying decay, our team follows similar diagnosis and repair steps for the safest, most conservative care.

Loose Crown Assessment + Recementation

If the crown is intact but simply became disconnected from the tooth unexpectedly, the first step is cleaning out any debris trapped underneath. An dental exam checks for decay needing treatment before precise re-cementation back onto the prepared tooth structure.

Temporary Crown Replacement

Sometimes damage is too extensive for recementation or portions broke off. After trimming rough edges and rebuilding enough tooth structure, we fit standard plastic or metal temporary crowns to protect teeth during the custom permanent crown fabrication process.

Custom Crown Repair or Replacement

Using advanced 3D imaging, your emergency dentist precisely models damaged teeth digitally. New ceramic or zirconia dental crowns are expertly milled and matched to surrounding teeth. During insertion appointments, local anesthesia helps minimize discomfort from tooth trimming and grafting procedures in sensitive cases. Proper contacts and bite alignment get carefully checked before permanent cementing.

Post-Operative Checks
Whether performed in one lengthy visit or over several shorter appointments, all major dental crown repair work should include follow-up visits to ensure you heal properly. We adjust crowns as needed for ideal contacts, comfort and function.

Costs For Emergency Dental Crown Repairs

Depending on treatment complexity from minor re-cementation to full custom crowns requiring root canals or dental implants, emergency crown repair costs can vary widely.

Typical costs in London include:

  • Dental crown recementation – £70 – £150
  • Prefabricated temporary crown – £80 – £250
  • Porcelain bonded crown repair – £200 – £550
  • Custom ceramic crown replacement – £500 – £950+
  • Zirconia crown replacement – £700 – £1400+

Check your insurance about discounted rates or reimbursement limits for crown related dental emergencies. We also offer flexible financing options.

Protect Oral Health with Fast Dental Crown Repair If you experience a painful, loose or broken crown, seek our emergency dental services immediately. Preserving and restoring damaged tooth structure quickly is essential for preventing complex dental issues requiring more invasive, expensive interventions later. Contact Emergency Dentist London Pro today schedule urgent dental crown repair or replacement appointments with minimal waiting.

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