How Electrical Estimating Is Used in Construction

Over the years,Electrical Estimatinghas seen a radical change. In the beginning, it was a manual process done with paper, pencil, and estimators’ experience. However, with time, when computers were invented. Things started to change intensely! Step by step, new advancements transformed the working styles of Electrical estimate services. Today, with the usage of Building Information Modeling(BIM) and modern software, estimating has become easier. Accuracy and better results are generated with the help of them. It shows how much the industry has advanced from using manual calculations and rules of thumb in its early days.

Electrical estimating is used in construction to know the cost of electrical things. The addition of advanced estimating methods shows broader trends in the industry. This massive shift towards automation has made the process faster and enhanced accuracy. This contributes to making the estimation and takeoff process easier. Do you know what is the best thing about this? In the near future, more new and effective methods will be invented to estimate electrical projects. That will facilitate in having more enhanced and precise estimates. The cost prediction for residential, commercial, or industrial projects will improve! If you require estimating projects for electrical things. Just be careful before hiring any suitable estimating company.

SMA Estimating LLC is the best company in the USA at this present time. They have experience of more than a decade. Their estimating professionals are the most helpful and reliable for electrical estimating. Because the cost prediction process of electrical projects is very sensitive. A small mistake can change the whole game. That is why careful consideration of the project drawings is a must. Otherwise, the building owners have to spend extra budget on their projects. So, if you need help with your electrical projects. You can hire this company for Construction Estimation Services USA. If you live in Texas, Florida, New York, or any other state. They serve their services all over America. 

What are the Electrical Estimating Methods?

Per Point Method

Per-point method assigns a fixed value to each component. Suppose the value of any switch is $50, and there are 100 points in total. The estimated cost will be $5000. This method is very simple. For simple calculations, the per-point method is a good option.

Labour-Unit Method

Labour-unit method process involves allocating a value to the human labour. It can be for completing a specific task. If one labor unit is valued at $30. Then, installing any socket might be one unit of labor. But installing a sensor can be a thrice unit. Labor-unit method divides the total field labor rate over the last months by the number of hours.

Guess Estimates

You can guess that guess estimates are the rough electrical estimates from the name. However, it is not recommended for complicated projects. Because Electrical estimating requires enhanced methods to estimate the cost. For estimating the electrical things of a house, the contractor needs to consider the size of the project and what type of wiring is required.

Electrical Estimating Software

Using estimating software for electrical projects is the smartest choice! It can deliver accurate results for projects of whatever size. By inputting the correct data, the software provides the precise estimates. It makes the process quick and saves time.

What is the Electrical Estimating Process?

Initial Assessment

  • This initial step entails a detailed and thorough understanding of the project demands. They need to know what type of project they are working on!
  • The client always provides project drawings and specs for clarity of their needs. So, estimators discuss the project with their clients to cover extra details.


  • When the engineers or estimators understand the requirements, they next perform a takeoff. Now, what is takeoff?
  • The takeoff means measuring and calculating the materials needed for the construction. It can be wire, conduit, and fixtures based on the project’s specifications and drawings.

Estimating Material Costs

  • After completing the takeoff process, the professionals estimate the total cost of the quantified materials.
  • The unit price of the materials, such as supplier quotes, material availability, and project specifications. 

Estimating Labor Costs

  • Sometimes, the professionals fail to estimate the labor cost accurately. Meanwhile, the labor expenses cover a significant amount.
  • That is why estimators must be highly efficient in calculating the total labor cost.

Overhead and Profit

  • By covering all these things and the estimation process. The final step is to add the overhead and the profit.
  • The overhead cost concerns equipment, insurance, office rent, and utilities.


By concluding this whole article, you need to understand the accuracy of Electrical Estimating used in construction. Only accurate estimates can help in securing new projects. You get a better chance to earn good profits out of it. Now, the contemporary industry demands advanced methods and smart decisions to stand out. Moreover, it helps out the contractors as dependable partners in construction projects. If you are new in this field or want to hire estimators to handle electrical projects. Do not compromise on the quality of the project. Only rely on professionals who do not talk but prove their actions.

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