How To Play Bridge – Master Bridge Game

Bridge Online game is played with a set of 52 cards, and four players are necessary to be involved in the game. This game is played in partnership. The player that is your partner has to sit opposite side and the players that are your opponents have to sit on your left and right side.

The bidding and the gameplay are two main parts of this game. In the bridge base online, the suits are run from spades and diamonds to clubs, the lowest ones. This is crucial for the bidding process and scoring in the free online bridge game.

How to Play Bridge Card Game?

The players determine how many tricks they can take with a single trick as Trump while the bidding process is going on. Trump means a card that wins the trick (If it’s the highest card of the suit). Now if you bid, it means you will win 6+ number of tricks bid. Meanwhile, if you bid 1 spade then it means you are saying that your team can win 7 tricks while having the hand with spades as Trump.


You don’t know what your teammates have. Therefore a little bit of guessing is also involved in it. Now here, the fun begins. If you think that you can go up from the bid of your teammate or the opponent then just pass the bid. If you have passed three bids in a row then it means that a full bid is passed and the computer will tell you have won the bid. Further, doubling is a way to tell your opponent that you think they can not win the bid.

A redouble is used when the opponent doubles the bid of the partner and at this time you redouble the bid to tell that you are definitely going to win the bid. This doubling and redoubling is removed from the board when a new bid is made in the bridge base online game. In the gameplay portion, the hand is played out and one hand is flipped so that you can view the cards. If your team wins, then you get the chance to play your teammate’s turn. Otherwise, you can see the hand of your teammate.


If you don’t win the bid, then you will have to stop the opponent team from winning the bid by playing high cards or trump cards and other tricks. Once the hand is completed and won by either team, the points are tailored up in the AARP free bridge game.


The team who has won the bid will have the points added to their score. The game is won by the team who reaches 100 game points. When a team wins two out of three matches then all the scores and even bonuses are added to declare the winner.

Final Words

Bridge base online game is a fantastic game that allows players to practice the game with their friends. Through it, you can become an expert in the game and can easily learn all the tricks of the game. Mastering this online game will enable you to win the real game at the clubs.


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