Python VS Node.js – Best Technology To Develop Web Applications

Everyone is aware of the fact that the back-end or server side of an application forms its backbone. On the other hand, the client side is entirely based on it. However, the responsiveness of the front end is likely to fall flat if it does not have an equally impressive backend to support. As a result, most developers try to pick between Node JS or Python as their choice of back-end technology.

Python is commonly used as a programming language. However, Node JS is based on JavaScript. Hence, to help make this decision easy, the following section of this article compares Python and Node JS. Read till the end to learn about the differences between the most popular programming languages.

Before diving into a comprehensive comparison, it is critical to know the basic features of both programming languages.


Node.js serves as a powerful framework for developers, offering them an open-source run-time environment to develop incredible network and server-side applications from scratch. These apps can work wonders across various platforms. Also, Node JS is an environment designed to utilize JavaScript programs without a browser.

Notable Features of NodeJS

  • Easy to learn due to the availability of a large community and numerous tutorials on the web.
  • Highly scalable because of the single-thread architecture suitable for handling a large number of connections simultaneously.
  • It offers excellent speed making the overall process a lot more efficient.
  • Node JS comes with numerous open-source packages for ease of use, making it suitable for adding new functions to the server side and networking support.


Python uses the principle of object-oriented programming. It is particularly well-suited for scripting processes, making it easy for developers to write and execute code efficiently. Python has gained popularity and is widely used on the Google app engine. One notable benefit is its vast collection of tools and libraries, that are consistently maintained and improved by a global community of dedicated developers.

Notable Features of Python

  • Python is an open-source language that anyone can use for free and learn to build applications.
  • It enjoys the support of thousands of modules that allow developers to create complex applications.
  • Python is suitable for both structural and functional programming approaches as it is entirely based on object-oriented programming.
  • Python makes it suitable to create and run cross-platform programs on any operating system.

Detailed Comparison of Python and Node.JS

As discussed before, Node JS and Python are among the most popular technology for back-end and network support purposes. They also gave the programmers access to extensive libraries and tools for more efficient development.

Let’s further compare the two based on print parameters.

  1. Speed

Speed is crucial in the performance of an app showing how fast the software can complete a task.

Node JS is capable of executing codes without a web browser. Hence it can deliver more efficient performance.

Python has relatively lesser speed as it makes use of interpreted language. Also, the compilation of the machine code increases the execution times significantly.

  1. Libraries

The availability of a large number of libraries is the primary reason behind the increasing use of programming languages. Developers can access modules that can be directly used in a program without much thought.

Node JS provides millions of packages for supporting development. Many organizations looking to hire node.js programmers because of its extensive package support.

Python, on the other hand, also has a good number of packages and libraries. This makes it quite fast and efficient for app development.

  1. Popularity

Another important aspect of selecting a programming language. The number of developers available depends on the popularity of the programming language.

Node JS became an instant hit right from the time of its introduction. The architecture and availability of different libraries make it a common choice in the coding community.

Python is the second most popular coding language. A significant number of developers still prefer to use Python for their app development needs.

  1. Architecture

The architecture of software involves the organization or structure of the system that helps understand how the software behaves. Every structure includes software elements and relations. A good architecture is necessary for handling large applications.

Node JS makes use of a single-threaded loop for working with a large number of connections. Hence it is suitable for creating event-driven applications.

Python has a distinct architecture and converts code into machine code directly. Also, it is not compatible with multi-threading systems.

  1. Use Cases

All programming languages come with different features and functions.

Node.js helps to build fast and scalable apps from the ground up, making it a suitable coding tool for developers.

Python, in contrast, is widely favored for data analytics and machine learning applications.

  1. Community

Programming language enjoys good support from its extensive and constantly growing communities.

Node JS is one of the most popular programming languages of the present. The community gives programmers access to all tutorial modules and videos. Anyone can join the NodeJS community and start seeking answers to their doubts.

Python also has an extensive community comprising millions of app developers. It is a relatively older programming language and enjoys a larger community than NodeJS. Companies that use Python refer to the community when searching for credible app development experts.

Which One is a Better Pick?

Both Node.js and Python are highly effective for specific applications. These languages serve different purposes and offer distinct benefits. Ultimately, the choice of programming language depends on factors like the developer’s skills, project scalability, flexibility, and efficiency needs. These considerations are crucial in selecting the most appropriate language for a specific development project.


There is no denying the fact that Node JS and Python are equally powerful and popular for back-end development. Also, the skills of the developer play an important role in determining which programming language to use. Every organization takes a different approach to app development so their choice of programming language largely depends on their use case. Thus, this article will give you valuable insights about Node Js and Python so you can choose the right option for your upcoming project.

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