7 Floral Decoration Ideas For Weddings

It is a day prepared and pampered to the millimetre. One that pretends to be a meeting, a celebration and an unforgettable memory. Perhaps because of all those emotional components that accompany such an event, floral decoration at weddings is part of the ally of that day. A way to beautify a ceremony or a space, but also to convey a lot, even if we don’t know it if we also play with the language of flowers. One is capable of awakening feelings and emotions on a day in which both things are on the surface.

But even beyond what they can convey or follow the tips for choosing flowers for a wedding to the letter, what is clear is that floral decoration at weddings plays a fundamental role. It reaffirms the spirit of the day of vitality that every wedding hides behind itself, and it becomes the best way to create the atmosphere that any wedding requires. Life to honour a new life that begins.

Today Jalsa Lawn wants to review seven key points that will make floral decoration for weddings the personal and unique accent that we are looking for on a day like this. A way of capturing in our celebration the character and identity of the protagonists of the event.


Today, floral decoration trends at weddings ride in worlds as completely different as the couples who decide to celebrate their wedding. From the rustic and natural spirit accompanied by a bohemian touch to those who opt for the baroque or prefer to create a vintage atmosphere with flowers.

Regardless of our tastes and how we want to plan our celebration, the truth is that it never hurts to see flower decoration ideas at weddings that help us create our own habitat for that day. A way to inspire us and let our imagination fly to dress up that ethereal space that will exist for the duration of our wedding.

1. Flowers on the invitation

It is a real trend to play with floral illustrations on wedding invitations. However, in parallel, there are also those who opt for a much simpler and cleaner design. If so, why not embellish it and give it a unique point with flowers?

Whether we decide to use them to close the envelope and play with the sealing wax or if we choose to create a headband around the invitation itself, that note of floral decoration at weddings will lay the foundations for the day of the celebration.

It is also interesting to play with the aromas as part of that little floral note that we add to the invitation. An even more unique way of turning the moment of delivery into a memory as unforgettable as the wedding itself will be if we add small branches of scented plants or simply eucalyptus leaves.

If what we want is to close the invitation with flowers, this idea of ​​using sealing wax can be the perfect help to fix the branch without it falling or getting lost. A genuine, original, and elegant touch.

2. Opt for an original bridal bouquet

Until very recently, there was an unwritten maxim about how a bridal bouquet should be: sober, in white or pastel tones, and with a restricted range of types of flowers. However, the coves and roses in light colours were left behind to make way for other much more colourful and original proposals.

Some among which even the simplest flowers such as daisies, have gained ground in recent years; they are added with burlap fabric, feathers, seashells and even spikes combine to put a singular note in the meeting.

Such is the range of options that, in this current line of decorating a wedding with succulents, these plants have also slipped into the floral decoration at weddings along with others as unheard of until now as lavender or heather.

3. Decorate the space for the ceremony, but also for the guests!

Whether we are facing a religious or civil celebration, using flowers to enhance the area in which the wedding is officiated is a way of highlighting its importance. A role that has also moved to the guest area. And it is that placing a small floral decoration in the corner of the benches or on the chairs if it is civil is a perfect way to round off the staging.

Paper cones, candle holders, lamps, baskets or small buckets with exposed metal or covered with fabric and bows can be a great detail to make the seating area more welcoming for guests.

4. A very special ‘seating’

And what better way to indicate the place that each guest has at the tables than with flowers! Whatever the seating we use in our wedding look, using a floral arrangement in the same vein as what we have chosen for the rest of the space will reinforce continuity in the decoration.

We can also play with floral decorations at weddings using them as accessories for other different seating approaches, like this composition with bottles of different shades.

5. Creativity in the centrepieces

If we have decided to innovate in our floral decoration at weddings, we cannot miss the centrepiece. A neuralgic place where the day or the evening will pass between conversations, bites and that illusion that seems to float in the atmosphere in a celebration like this. A space, on the other hand, has historically been occupied at weddings by centrepieces with flowers.

However, we can no longer only choose between palm-shaped or bouquet-style. We can also use elements that, traditionally, are not part of a centrepiece and that, however, can give us a lot of play if we choose to decorate them with flowers.

Wooden boxes, lanterns or even table runners created with flowers and plants are wonderful supports to occupy that privileged place on the table.

6. Floral decoration at weddings, also hanging!

Perfect to complete a wedding setting. A way to optimize the space that we have available for it, especially if we choose to celebrate an outdoor wedding. Being able to take advantage of the verticality of the trees, shrubs or plants that we have in our environment and use them as part of the floral decoration at weddings will allow us to set it. A luxury ally, too, if we have to decorate a large space.

Playing with the heights of the rooms or ceilings where the wedding takes place is also an ideal way to take advantage of that verticality from the outside. Lamps decorated with flowers or hanging sconces are a perfect option.

7. Flowers on the lapel for them too

A tradition has also timidly begun to stand out at weddings in a few years in some places: flowers on the lapel for the guests. Something that has come to renew that almost ceremonial gesture at weddings of placing a flower in the fold of the women’s neckline, also opening the fan to them.

Something which paniculatta, roses or any other flower that follows the line of floral decoration at weddings that we have chosen has a lot to say. A detail that will make the difference and that will be, in itself, one more unforgettable memory of the day.

Different ways to play with floral decoration at weddings, and different ways to turn any space into one of our own.

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