What to Expect During the Intensive Outpatient Program IOP for Rehab

For many people, going to rehab seems like an overwhelming prospect. That’s because it can be difficult and frightening. But it is a life-changing process.

Not all rehab programs are the same, though. An increasing number of patients are opting for intensive outpatient programs or IOPs. These allow you to undergo treatment from the comfort of your home.

However, you will probably be visiting a facility every day. You will need to prepare yourself for a lot of life changes. Here are some of the things you need to be prepared for.


Quitting drugs cold turkey is painful.

The pain is one of the main reasons most addicts aren’t able to get sober. The first few days are usually the worst.

If you go to rehab, you will probably be able to have a medically supervised detox. This is a detox that is supervised by a doctor.

Detoxing on your own can be dangerous. Depending on the severity of your addiction, it could be deadly. It’s safer to let a doctor help you.

You will also need emotional support during the detox. An IOP lets you experience the support of your family and friends.

Traditional rehab centres don’t allow visitors.


You will probably start attending therapy.

At rehab centres like this facility, you can attend regular therapy while still living at home. You can also attend group therapy sessions.

At some point, you will probably also have family sessions. It’s important to treat addiction and substance abuse as a broad problem. Most people turn to drugs because they need to cope.

There are a variety of issues that could lead to addiction. It’s especially common for those suffering from mental health issues to become addicts.

The only way to successfully treat addiction in these cases is to also treat the other underlying issues. An IOP gives you the chance to do that.

Therapy won’t end as soon as your treatment ends, though. In most cases, therapy becomes a lifelong journey. This is something to look forward to.

You will learn a lot about yourself during therapy. You might uncover aspects of yourself that you never knew existed. You will also learn tools to help you cope with problems in the future.

Don’t think of therapy as a chore. View it as an opportunity.

     Mood Changes

Alcohol and drugs alter your mood.

Your body becomes dependent on them. Suddenly stopping will have startling side effects.

Hopefully, you will start to feel more like yourself. This will probably happen after you’ve fully detoxed.

During the detox, you will probably experience mood swings. These can be good as well as bad. In the beginning, you might start to feel what’s known as a pink haze.

This is a feeling of euphoria that comes with a fully clean and detoxed body. Addiction puts a lot of stress on your body. When that stress suddenly vanishes, it can make you feel like you’re in the clouds.

It’s important to pay attention to these changes. Talking about them with professionals can be helpful. You will need a healthy outlet.

Your therapist might ask you to keep a mood journal or diary.

      Altered Social Life

Life after rehab is not the same. And that’s a good thing! 

It will require some changes, though. You might have to say goodbye to some of your friends if they pressure you to drink or use drugs.

Going to the bar probably won’t be one of your hobbies anymore. Instead, you might have to look for new hobbies like some of these outdoor activities.

There are plenty of fun, sober activities that you can do. If your friends are really good friends, they will be happy to pass on the drinking.

Be prepared for tough conversations with your family and closest friends. Your addiction hasn’t been easy on them, either.


The most important thing is that you will become and stay sober.

This is a huge accomplishment that you should not take lightly. Take the time to celebrate and have fun.

Becoming sober is an accomplishment in its own right. But you will start to improve in other areas, too.

You will become more aware of yourself and more focused on growth. Your interactions with others will become more authentic and genuine.

Once rehab is over, you will only continue to improve.


Going to rehab is nothing to be ashamed of. Get the help that you deserve and find an IOP that works for you.

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