Everything you need to know before onboarding an external dedicated developer

Have any idea what a company’s reputation depends on? A company’s development and reputation depend on its ability to deliver effective software development projects.

You already know how much planning, work, and resources are required for its success if you have already produced one. Hence, if you are prepared to begin work on completing your next significant IT development project, make sure your team is made up of the most adequately qualified developers and support personnel.

You might need to hire additional IT staff members. You need to hire a dedicated developer to fill skill gaps and sometimes outsource a few services. You can adapt the committed developers to your company culture and working methods as soon as they are on board. You will be able to retain accountability and transparency while saving money.

What is developer onboarding?

Developer onboarding is the process of adapting a new hire to their position and workplace. That may include the duties they must complete, the people who will be sitting at their desks next to them, the nature of the working environment, and the location of the coffee maker.

Everything appears to be able to be finished on the first day of work. But it is not that simple. A thorough and personalized approach is necessary for effective developer onboarding. This should ideally be a well-defined method that begins before the first day of work and lasts for the first three months of employment.

What is a software developer onboarding plan?

A document that explains the procedures for a new software engineer to succeed at your company is known as a software developer onboarding plan. As many businesses don’t employ frequently, the onboarding procedure may be unplanned.

Software engineers may find it difficult to get along with their coworkers, grasp the technology, and ultimately be less productive without a good onboarding process.

A developer onboarding strategy can be created and effectively used to give new software engineers the resources they need to feel successful from their very first day. New software engineers should be regularly checked to ensure they are on track and fulfilling expectations.

You must understand the requirements for the position and what a successful software engineer looks like in your company before you can create an onboarding strategy.

You can then modify the onboarding strategy to meet your company’s unique requirements. So, hire dedicated programmers who are aware of the process to work on your project.

Pre-onboarding process: Crucial points and pitfalls

You will have a better developer onboarding experience if you take the time to get ready in advance before the material day rather than rushing at the last minute. When scheduling a meeting, you complete all essential administrative tasks at this point to make sure everything is in order.

Have an introductory meeting

Ensure that you have an onboarding call before granting tool access. You can describe your procedures and processes in depth during this call. Try and refrain from discussing particular project tasks during this call. Consider that you are bringing a dedicated developer on board who has experienced your team’s interaction in action.

Prepare all the necessary paperwork

Documentation is where your approach to integrating new developers should begin. For example, to optimize the entire process significantly, you should create a developer onboarding template solution that specifies precise processes and tasks.

To ensure a smooth developer onboarding process when staff reports for the first time, prepare and provide all documentation they need to complete electronically.

The employment form, which verifies that the talent has been employed, is an essential developer onboarding document that you should prepare in preparation. Other developer onboarding materials include:

  • Verification forms
  • Enrollment benefits
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Prepare and test any development equipment 

The majority of the time, whether team members will be performing their duties in-person or remotely, projects and software companies will offer them the necessary tools and equipment.

As most of these tools are made to order and are sent in pieces, ordering ahead of time will give you enough time to assemble and test it as part of the onboarding process for a new dedicated developer. This often occurs as soon as your new technical team verifies the acceptance of the offer.

Grant access to developer onboarding tools

If your newly hired developers can’t access and use top-tier, cutting-edge project management software, it is useless to them. To make sure everything functions as planned, you should allow access to all remote developer onboarding tools before starting the business.

The most vital point to make is to allow access to any internal database or resource that corresponds to your regular daily work routines.

Work out any logistics

If you are onboarding remote developers, you need to hire developer who is professional in work. Working out the logistics in advance, mainly if they will utilize specialized hardware or tools to carry out their everyday tasks, can be necessary. In that situation, it will be helpful to order this and ship it together with basic handling instructions to the new employee’s physical home address.

Send a welcome package

Whether they are working remotely or in the office, your how-to onboard a new software engineer checklist should include a welcoming package that helps them feel like they are a part of your brand and team immediately.

  • Before the developer’s first day of work, a typical welcome package might contain the following:
  • A letter of introduction from the team or product manager
  • Gifts that may be customized, like a manual on coding
  • Items using the company’s logo, including notepads

Bottom Line

There are several processes in the onboarding process, so it is vital to consider the process. You can consider the above listed things before onboarding a dedicated external developer.


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