Corn Hydrolysate Market

Corn hydrolysate has gained quite an attention in recent years. This is because the demand for flavor enhancer ingredients is growing with the rise in consumption for convenience and ready to eat meals. Corn hydrolysate is produced by the hydrolysis of the maize protein and has a good nutritional profile. It is extensively used as flavor enhancers in food. It is also widely used in cosmetics and personal care products. As more people are becoming conscious about their skin and hair, they are seeking plant-based corn hydrolysate skin and hair products.

Applications of Corn Hydrolysate

Corn hydrolysate in food flavoring –

Corn hydrolysate is used across the world for flavoring food products in combination with hydrolyzed soy protein. It provides various flavors of umami in processed food items, such as chili, canned meat and canned fish,canned vegetables, meat products, soups, sausage, spices mixture gravies, frozen meals, side dishes and many other items. Corn hydrolysate also finds application in making bakery products, fragmented food and savory snacks such as pizza base, biscuits, cakes, sauces, noodles, soups and instant snacks.

Corn hydrolysate in cosmetics and personal care products–

Corn hydrolysate-based skin and hair care products are characterized by strong moisture binding properties and possess amino acids and peptides, which nourish and repair the skin texture. Hence, these cosmetics containing natural ingredients are witnessing huge demand from consumers worldwide. Moreover, corn hydrolysate cosmetics and personal care products possess antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-hypertensive and antibiotic properties.

Corn hydrolysate as a substitute to MSG –

Corn hydrolysate protein is also used as a substitute for monosodium glutamate (MSG) or sodium glutamate, which is used as an ingredient in various food products. MSG is termed as a toxic food ingredient by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as it has a toxic effect on the body upon consumption, leading to health issues such as chest pain, weakness, numbness, headache, burning sensation of neck and face and others.The demand for corn hydrolysate is growing from consumers and food manufacturers as it doesn’t have such effects on the body. It’s a completely safe, natural and vegan ingredient and possesses properties such as good solubility and stability toward heat.

Corn hydrolysate in the nutraceutical industry –

Corn hydrolysate is extensively used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries for making pills and many types of dietary supplements that help improve body metabolism. Nutraceuticals are functional food products that provide both nutritional and medicinal benefits and help in the prevention and treatment of the various diseases. The consumption of corn hydrolysate food products on a daily basis helps in weight management, reducing the risk of developing heart diseases, and preventing diabetes, and other diseases.

Market Trends

Growing awareness for clean label ingredients and the shift in preference for vegan food products among consumers drive the growth of the corn hydrolysate market.Additionally, as corn hydrolysate protein is a safe, natural, and vegetarian ingredient and possesses good water solubility and heat stability properties, its demand is growing. Moreover, the surge in demand for processed food, bakery items, and more with enhanced flavors is driving the market. Furthermore, increasing adoption of corn hydrolysate in food and beverage and other industries such as pharma and cosmetics is expected to drive market growth. Increasing purchasing power, rapid urbanization and the shift in lifestyle of the consumers toward health and wellness attracting them to opt for the clean ingredient-based products such as corn hydrolysate. According to Allied Market Research, the global corn hydrolysate market is expected to reach a whopping $378.3 million by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 5.6% during the forecast period, 2022 – 2031.

The corn hydrolysate market in the Asia-Pacific has witnessed robust growth in the recent years. This growth is owed to the growing number of fast-food restaurants in the region, surge in expenditure on packaged food products, andthe increasing demand for nutritional food and beverages in the emerging nations which includes Thailand, Indonesia and India.

The corn hydrolysate markets in North Americaand Asia-Pacific are also expected to maintain a noteworthy growth in future.Europe is another big market for corn hydrolysate. According to the European Food Safety Authority, the corn hydrolysate protein is considered to be safe and does not affect the metabolic path for amino acids and protein.

Covid-19 Impact on the Industry

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world economy was severely affected. The corn hydrolysate market faced the same effects due to the lock down and government restrictions on social distancing to curb the spread of the virus, leading to the closure of the cosmetic, nutraceutical, and food industries. Moreover, a shortage of skilled workforce and the trade restrictions due to ban on import and export of products worsened the impact on the market.With the pandemic situation improving and the upliftment of restrictions all across the globe, the market started to recover from the losses. Manufacturing operations came back to normal and availability of raw materials led food manufacturing industries to increase their production. which had a positive impact on the market growth. Also, the surge in demand for nutritional food products along with the rise in inclination of consumers towards health and wellness made them choose corn hydrolysate in their diet which had a positive impact on the market.

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