Ayurvedic Treatment for Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fatty acid that your body needs to create cells’ membranes. It also contains Vitamin D and hormones and bile acids. Cholesterol is made by your body and made from food items you consume as well. If your bad cholesterol is elevated over a certain amount, you’re at higher risk of developing diabetes and severe heart problems.

How Can Ayurveda Aid in reducing Cholesterol levels?

It’s not necessary to hit the panic button since you can put your cholesterol in the right direction by altering your lifestyle and eating habits. If you’re not comfortable using medication or pills to lower your cholesterol levels there is evidence that suggests the ayurvedic approach to cholesterol treatment can also be beneficial.

In Ayurveda, your diet is central to your good health. Therefore the ayurvedic treatments for cholesterol are designed to enhance your diet by keeping your liver healthy and balancing the metabolism of fat within your body.

What Are The Effective Ayurvedic Treatments For High Cholesterol?

From an Ayurvedic viewpoint, the term high cholesterol (high cholesterol) signifies a lack of digestive energy at the level of tissue. Inadequate digestion at the tissue level creates extra waste products or toxic substances (ama) which stop the channels of the body. Hypercholesterolemia is the perfect illustration of toxins blocking channels in the body. Ayurvedic treatment for high Cholesterol treatment to regulate body cholesterol is a combination of herbal medicines that clear the toxins in the channels and help restore the digestive fire back to its normal function. Advice on diet and regimen adjustments are also provided to aid in the treatment.

1. Panchakarma Treatment

It is an ayurvedic remedy for high cholesterol that includes massages, meditation, and yoga that cleanse and help to strengthen the body. A study has revealed that the panchakarma practice for one week can control cholesterol and decrease the risk of suffering from cardiovascular illnesses to get a cure for cholesterol visit the best Ayurveda hospital in Jaipur.

2. Kapha Pacifying Diet

In Ayurveda, it is believed that your Kapha Dosha is disturbed when you consume or drink foods that are high in sugar and salt. The diet recommended to get you back to your Kapha Dosha to get back to normal includes foods such as:

  • Astringent food items include the following: lentils, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli, as well as fruits such as apples and pears can lower the levels of both good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.
  • Bitter foods and leafy green veggies can help the digestion of your body.
  • Whole grains, such as oats or Quinoa increase the metabolic rate of fats in the body.

3. Herbs that are Medicinal

Guggul, as well as Arjuna, Are two of the natural Ayurvedic plants that are frequently used in cholesterol treatment too. Beyond these, there are other herbal remedies like Shilajit, Vrikshamla, and Haritaki as well as others to aid in lowering blood pressure.

Things to consider prior to deciding on Ayurvedic Treatments

They have distinct benefits for health, aside from decreasing cholesterol. But, it is important to be aware of a few points in your mind prior to deciding on these options.

  • If you’re currently taking cholesterol medications, it is advisable to know how these treatments could affect the medications.
  • You can tailor your Ayurvedic treatment by consulting a qualified specialist in the area.
  • Consult your physician to determine if you experience an allergic reaction to one of these treatments prior to your start.

In addition to the ayurvedic solutions for cholesterol, you could also try some healthy lifestyles to successfully reduce levels of your cholesterol from home as well. Don’t forget the old adage about being active and maintaining an ideal body weight are effective methods to reduce cholesterol, therefore, don’t forget to exercise often by using the articles on fitness and exercising.

4. Lashuna

  • Garlic, or Lashuna, is great for preventing and treating heart disease. A single capsule, three times a day, is efficient in reducing blood cholesterol as well as triglycerides.
  • Allicin is formed after the crushing of garlic to make it suitable for culinary or medicinal usage. It is created through an enzymatic reduction of alliin, with the help of an enzyme called alliinase. Allicin is an extremely unstable chemical. When allicin is cooked with water, it creates diallyl sulphur. This process is thought to be beneficial as allicin can cause gastritis.
  • Allicin is known to block cholesterol biosynthesis inside the liver. It is thought that allicin bonds with the sulphydryl compound (they play a role in the biosynthesis process of cholesterol) due to which cholesterol biosynthesis ceases. Garlic has been proven to be more effective than bezafibrate at decreasing cholesterol levels.

5. Arjuna

  • Arjuna for Angina Pectoris Arjuna is the medication that is recommended. Arjunarishta is an established Ayurvedic treatment for strengthening the heart. Six teaspoonfuls (30 millilitres) of the mixture mixed with water equal daily and during the course of 6 months. Arjuna tablets are extremely effective in reducing concentrations of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Clinical studies on Arjuna have proven beneficial in the treatment of congestive heart failure and Mitral Regurgitation.
  • Arjun is a significant source of coenzymeQ-10 which can have an LDL lower effect.

Prevent Cholesterol: Diet & Lifestyle advice

  • As stated earlier, the fatty and high-calorie diet is often responsible for hypercholesterolemia.
  • So, an easy, low-calorie diet is essential to prevent high cholesterol.
  • Setting regular meal times and having dinner at a reasonable time in the evening can be helpful.
  • Yoga, Suryanamaskar and Pranayama are useful while dealing with hypercholesterolemia.
  • Be aware of digestion and excretion, and avoiding indigestion is essential in the case of high cholesterol.
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