How Abacus Helps Children to Solve Math Problems Easily  

You might be wrong if you think kids can only have fun with their toys. The kids today want fun in whatever they do. Yes, it includes complex math as well.

Counting numbers on fingers is exciting. But today, the Abacus has made a grand entry and kids love it. Abacus is a math tool used for Arithmetic computations like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

Once kids learn how to use abacus, math will be a breeze to them.

Some children are blessed with numeric skills whereas, some struggle a lot. In such a case, introducing Abacus to children has to be the very first step. Because Abacus helps in solving math problems quicker.

Moving forward, let’s know more about Abacus and Math relationship.

How Does Abacus Help Children to Solve Math Easily?

  1. Better at Basic Counting

The colorful beads in Abacus attract the children and make them get familiar with the tool. The beads are a fun and early math activity for kids. So, children find it interesting. They involve more in the fun learning and effectively get better with the basic counting.

  1. Improve Concentration Skills

Learning Abacus at a younger age benefits children as the grasping power is high. The Abacus helps in focusing and inducing concentration. While learning an Abacus, children use their hands and the tool. This movement activates their brain, and they can easily make the math operations.

Concentration is a skill. And with Abacus, it grows and helps to focus on day-to-day activities as well.

  1. Enhances Learning Ability and Strengthens Memory

Kids use both hands while learning math operations through Abacus. It leads to balanced coordination between the brain and body. So, using Abacus for arithmetic calculations activates both the left and right brains. This pushes up creativity and eventually, enhances learning ability.

  1. Improves Observation and Listening Skills

There is a Flashcard technique in Abacus. This technique helps in faster arithmetic. The calculation speed improves and the kids start observing and processing the numbers faster than before.

Abacus includes an activity where children get to hear numbers only once and make calculations. This induces their active listening.

  1. Develops Speed and Accuracy

Improved observation skills enhance the learning ability. Once the kids know the correct method, they try solving faster. With Abacus, kids get accuracy in a shorter time.

  1. Analytical Skills

Abacus includes a variety of formulas for similar computations. With practice, kids explore simple formulas for solving the same math. This improves their analytical skills and helps them with easy and fast solving.

  1. Boosts Creativity

Abacus is not just a math tool that improves mathematical skills. More than that, it’s a creative learning tool. That is the reason kids enjoy math using Abacus. Speedy calculations are fun. One right calculation can give great happiness. This makes the kid more creative.

8 . Amplifies Imagination and Visualization 

Abacus is a powerful tool when it comes to imagination and visualization. A kid learning Abacus can make calculations by imagining and visualizing the numbers. Yes, it is absolutely possible using Abacus.

So, during number training, children are taught to memorize some mathematical images. With the help of images, kids need to visualize the final structure of the image before revealing the final answer. This way, imagination and visualization can develop the math skill using Abacus.

9 . Builds Confidence

Abacus is a mental skill. Some kids who fear numbers don’t enjoy math solving much. But for some kids, math is their best friend. Especially, the kids learning math with Abacus really enjoy arithmetic solving. They learn the correct technique and gain accuracy compared to the other kids. The overall development builds self-confidence and helps in personality development as well.

  1. Conquer Math Anxiety

If a kid does not like math or is weak at numbers, it is possible to feel math anxiety. Sometimes the negative assumptions kids make in their minds can increase their anxiety levels. In such cases, learning math using Abacus can benefit children in multiple ways.

Learning math becomes a fun activity. They equally focus and enjoy. This builds their confidence and eliminates math anxiety.

Abacus itself is a mental activity. It not only helps in arithmetic math, but also helps in dealing with day-to-day challenges.

Abacus can make online learning a joyful activity. If you want your kids to get rid of the fear of numbers and solve math confidently, then EnthuZiastic is your platform. The experts here teach with a friendly approach. In fact, you can personalize the lessons.

On course completion, your kid will get a certification of completion. So, grab the opportunity.


Abacus is a fun learning activity. Abacus is a complete source of academic foundation. While developing and improving side-by-side skills, Abacus promotes personality growth. As children grasp skills quicker, it helps them deal with real-life situations.

So, let your kid learn and have fun!

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