Claim Settlement

Settlement is defined as an agreement obligating the department of juvenile justice (DJJ) to expand fund to discharge a debt due a person, entity, or group of persons when the amount owed pursuant to a dispute relating to a contract or purchase order, or as a result of another form of indebtedness.

Claim settlement involves processing verification and settlement of claims filed by proven depositors of failed banks. The major objective of the corporation as an insurer, under the deposit insurance scheme when a bank fails is to discharge its obligation to the depositors under the scheme.

Claims Settlement

Some claims are straight forward than others but you can expect simple claims to be settled within 10 working days.

When you call your insurance company to make a claim, a claim advisor will give you an indication of the timescales involved, provided the claim is within the terms of the policy, and you can provide all the information they required, your claim should be settle extremely promptly.

Some insurance companies will deal directly with your vet, so you don’t even need to get involved in the claim process.

Third party liabilities claims are completely separated from other issues relating to get bills etc. they often taken a long time to settle, however the pet insurance company deals with the claims on your benefit.

4 steps to make a claim

  • Procedures (follows the company procedure)
  • Proof of loss
  • Download form and
  • Contact us.

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