Expertise France is the French international technical expertise agency. Its mission is to participate in France’s policy of international cooperation, development aid and economic influence, by responding to the growing demand for expertise from developing countries and emerging countries to build public policies, taking into consideration their institutional, economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges.

Job description: short term national expert/company in Accounting to deliver training of trainer’s session

Rwanda Polytechnics has signed a financial agreement with the French Development Agency (AFD), for the implementation of a pilot project in the district of Rulindo. Expertise France, the French Agency for international technical expertise, has been asked to support the implementation of the project during the first 3 years.

To do so, Expertise France is currently recruiting a short-term national expert in accounting to deliver training of trainer’s session of 21 days divided in 3 training sessions of 5 days’ each. The assignment will take place from July 2022 –  December 2022

Companies with relevant experience with evidenced proof of experience of staff on this assignment are also eligible to apply.

Training to be conducted 
  • Assist tax clearing process, Level 3 Accounting
  • Prepare financial Statement, Level 5 Accounting
  • Processing online transactions, Level 3 accounting
  • Prepare the training program using the Project’s template and send it for validation to the Vocational training and Capacity building expert;
  • Prepare all the material and necessary handouts to be used in the training and send it for validation to the Vocational training and Capacity building expert;
  • Develop the evaluation sheet in line with the guidance of the project Monitoring & Evaluation Expert;
  • Conduct a daily management of the training including daily attendance list;
  • Conduct a pre-test the 1st day of training;
  • Deliver the training session;
  • Conduct a post-test the last day of the training session;
  • Provide written report using the Project’s template and send it for validation to the Vocational training and Capacity building expert.
Required experience 
  • At least a Bachelor degree in accounting or similar;
  • Proven minimum of 5 years working experience in accounting;
  • Demonstrated experience in training/mentoring trainers in accounting;
  • Having the authority to certify trained trainers is a plus.
Required competencies 
  • Proficiency in English – written and speaking
  • Tax declaration
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Online transaction processing

How to apply 

Please note that application documents would be forwarded to this email:  and the deadline is 30th/06/2022

Notes: Application documents should contain a CV, cover letter, ID and certificates and if you are a company, please send your company profile with the CVs of the person who will perform the task above.

Candidates should be registered and possess a tax ID. 

Kindly note that Expertise France will not be able to notify all the applicants. Only candidates who have been selected will be contacted.

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