To develop communication materials to socialize the digital “Beneficiary Feedback and Complaint Mechanism System”

  1. About the information sharing and feedback & complaint mechanism platform at CARE Rwanda

Since early 2021, CARE Rwanda has been developing a cost efficient technology/web-based platform that is simple, user-friendly, convenient, affordable and which can help to quickly foster key information from the national level all the way to projects beneficiaries at village level – designed to be appropriate for use by CARE stakeholders including beneficiaries, community volunteers, partners, vendors, and government agencies. In return, CARE wants to be aware of any feedback, complaint, or a report from the program ultimate beneficiaries from the village and other stakeholders who directly or indirectly deal with CARE, using the same platform. The information and feedback/complaint mechanism is therefore an integral part of the country office broad accountability framework.

The following are the main objectives of the platform:

  •  Facilitate quick communication between CARE and its key stakeholders including but not limited to the following: Program beneficiaries, community volunteers, partners, district authorities, staff, vendors, financial service providers (mainly MFIs), and members of the Village Agent Network (VAN).
  •  Collect feedback, complaint, or any report from all the above stakeholders and be able to develop a response message tailored to the needs of each of the different stakeholders
  1. Objectives of the consultancy

As the development of the system is nearing its end, CARE Rwanda is looking for a competent consultant to:

  • Craft a communication strategy which purpose is to socialize the digital feedback and complaints mechanism with a broad range of stakeholders targeted by the mechanism.
  • Develop a communication plan/mix based on the strategy, including communication products/materials and messages tailored to the audience
  1. Required deliverables

The expected outputs and deliverables are listed below:

    • An inception report and presentation demonstrating understanding of the assignment by the consultant/firm to validate the methodology that will be used (Including collecting best practices from other organizations on how they managed to quickly socialize a new digital feedback platform
    • A communication strategy/approach to effectively socialize the “information sharing and feedback & complaint mechanism”.
    • A communication mix/plan including the communication products/materials and messages tailored to the group of stakeholders mapped. The plan should also contain “reader friendly” guidelines tailored to each stakeholder audiences. The communication products/materials and messages should be suggested in both languages: English and Kinyarwanda :
      • A design of the information sharing flowchart or a diagram (information sharing workflow) of bulk sms from CARE to different categories of program participants and community volunteers
      • A design of a flowchart or a diagram for the program beneficiaries to register a feedback/complaint, including escalation options, using sms to the CARE shortcode (705)
  • A design of a flowchart or a diagram for partners, vendors and government to register a feedback/complaint, using both sms and email
  • A design of a flowchart or a diagram for CARE staff to register a feedback/complaint in the feedback kiosk available in the office, using both sms and email
  • Present the final products to the senior program team
  1. Role of CARE 
  • Ensure that all the necessary documents and information are timely available to the consultant
  • Delegate key contact technical staff to work with the consultant on the different tasks
  • Timely review drafts from the consultant and provide timely feedback for finalization
  • Provide any other technical or operational support to the consultant(s) as needed
  • Provide list of key stakeholders and how they interact with CARE
  1. Assignment duration

CARE intends to provide a 15 working days contract effective May 16th 2022.

  1. Supervision and working conditions

The consultant will be reporting to the Impact Measurement Team Leader. Both virtual and interpersonal meetings will be used.

  1. Required Skills and Competencies for the Consultant 
  • University degree, preferably in Communications sciences, Mass Communication, social sciences or an equivalent combination of training and experience
  • A minimum of five years’ work experience in developing communication materials to socialize organizational program strategies, or digital solutions that support either humanitarian or development work
  • Having experience working on designing, implementing and evaluating “feedback & complaint platforms” will be an advantage
  • Proven experience in developing communication tools and engagement strategies for different categories of stakeholders
  • A strong track record of graphic design skills for communication materials
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing digital communication solutions, including websites, social media, and other digital solutions will be a great value add
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal relations
  1. Application Process

The proposals should indicate the following:

  • A technical proposal, detailing how deliverables will be achieved with a clear time frame; showing evidence of the consultant’s experience in the similar assignments (at least 3 references  with contacts  or email address of referees); copies of similar assignments (with evidence for good completion of the assignments). VAT registration certificate; RRA tax clearance certificate and RSSB tax clearance must be part of the proposal;
  • Financial offer detailing various costs associated with the delivery of all the deliverables mentioned under section 3 above. This must be in PDF format and must be a separate document from the technical;
  • Minimum 3 certificates of similar work done in the past
  •  Company profile; VAT registration certificate; RRA tax clearance certificate; RSSB tax clearance certificate must be part of the proposal

Interested consultants or consultancy firms are requested to submit their offers not later than

May 18th ,2022 at 5:30 pm local time to the following e-mail address: rwa.procurement@care.org, with mention “Consultancy to develop communication materials to socialize the digital “Beneficiary Feedback and Complaint Mechanism System”.

Kigali,  11th May, 2022

Procurement unit



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