Making Money Online – Facts against belief

If we start from the fact that only 3% of successful people are in internet marketing, at first glance it seems that there are very few successful people. Let’s go a step further, if the company SFI has been operating and surviving on the world market for 22 years, and has about 19 million affiliates and customers, in simple mathematics it is (633,333.33) more than 633 thousand successful affiliates & satisfied customers, more than half a million to be and a little more skeptical of this amount, is that a little? Of course it is not.

Would you be proud to be in these half a million successful affiliates in SFI, would it be worthwhile to learn to give 110% and at least 100% of your strength, your understanding, your time, your effort? I have given and still give myself and I am proud to be a part of those 3% successful, I know I can be more successful, I am still trying to build a stable and strong online business with my team within the SFI company. We all have that possibility, and yet when we say 3% it sounds very small, what about those 97%?

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Those 97% are those who understand, approach and treat their online business differently, or do not understand it at all. They think that they will earn overnight, or they think that if they invest more and earn faster, or that they will achieve success on various shortcuts without serious work and effort, they think that they are smarter than our others, us…

What is our strength it is the knowledge we have gained in many years of work in the company and this knowledge supports the facts that speak of the seriousness, reliability and security of the company, as opposed to the weaknesses that make the most misconceptions of people who are just starting to do anything. online business, they need to open their eyes their beliefs, guide them the best we know and increase them with the true values ​​promoted by the company, so in this way we will increase our 3% and be even more successful, and those who were skeptics will dissuade them.

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