Man sentenced for stabbing heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend 21 times, killing her and their baby

A man has been found guilty of stabbing in a jealous rage his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend, killing her and their child.

Aaron McKenzie, 26, from Peckham, south London, broke into the apartment of Kelly-Mary Fauvrelle in the middle of the night and stabbed her twenty-one times while her family slept upstairs, Old Bailey had heard.

Fauvrelle was rushed to hospital following the incident, according to sources. The baby, Riley, was delivered by Caesarean section in an attempt to save his life, but died four days later in hospital.

The tragic assault happened in June 2019.

The prosecutor argued that after their “toxic” relationship ended, McKenzie killed Miss Fauvrelle, 26, in a “vicious and cowardly” assault, and she moved on.

The defendant denied it, claiming a man named Mike, who his pregnant ex owed money to, was responsible for her death.

On Friday, July 10, a jury found McKenzie guilty of murdering Miss Fauvrelle, baby Riley’s manslaughter and possession of a knife, 33 weeks pregnant.

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Miss Fauvrelle ‘s family were also in Court One of the Old Bailey as the verdict was issued after the jury had deliberated for a total of two hours, 46 minutes, to reach their verdict.

The court learned that Miss Fauvrelle ‘s relationship with McKenzie had ended last February after McKenzie had told her he felt like he was “not needed, not wanted, unimportant, and lost.” 

Miss Fauvrelle told him he needed professional help, saying: “Until u get the fact I don’t want to be with you anymore…I will no longer speak or see you unless is about the baby.”

Miss Fauvrelle told his mother last March that the relationship was “toxic” but she wasn’t going to refuse him access to their child.

The court heard an intruder broke into Miss Fauvrelle’s family home in Thornton Heath, south London, at around 3.15 am on June 29, 2019, through patio doors.

Public prosecutor Duncan Penny QC said: “That intruder proceeded to launch a vicious and a cowardly attack upon her, inflicting a total of 21 stab wounds with a knife.

“In the process, the intruder murdered not only Kelly Fauvrelle, but through his attack upon Kelly he killed Riley, the unborn child she was carrying.”

McKenzie claimed to have nothing to do with this in the aftermath of the assault, the court heard.

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He went to the hospital where medical staff attempted to save his child’s life, “posing as a victim”, Mr. Penny said.

The defendant reportedly lied to the police and did not tell them he had spent more than an hour before the killing accessing and read emails from his ex-partner, the court heard.

Mr. Penny also said that before he was arrested and “confessed,” McKenzie tried to mislead the police, hospital staff and Ms Fauvrelle ‘s family.

Claire Mays, from the CPS, said: “This was a vicious and cowardly attack on a heavily pregnant woman, which was borne out of jealousy. Aaron McKenzie murdered his ex-girlfriend and in turn also killed their child Riley.

“Just hours after carrying out the attack, McKenzie went for a driving lesson as if nothing had happened.

“The prosecution evidence included a confession McKenzie had made to police officers taking responsibility for the killings before he decided to change his story and blame his actions on his learning difficulties and depression.

“By choosing to take this tragic case to trial McKenzie took the family of his victim through the heartbreak and ordeal of listening to all of his lies and the damning evidence against someone who had once been a part of their family.

“Although nothing can bring back Kelly and Riley, I hope these convictions provide some comfort to the family. Our thoughts remain with them at this difficult time.”

Aaron McKenzie will now be sentenced on July 17.