Nigerian boy destroys parents’ apartment because his mother refused giving him her documents (video)

A video making rounds online captured moment a Nigerian boy known simply as “Chidera”, scattered his parents’ apartment because he wasn’t given what he asked for.

The boy’s mother, who told her own side of the story in the video, said he was requesting some documents including her passport that he said he needed for an university program. However one of the eyewitnesses confirmed that he doesn’t need any of the documents he requested for.

The boy’s mother added that after she ignored him, he forcibly took her documents which she retrieved. He subsequently started breaking stuff in the house and even spilling food products on the floor.

When asked why he scattered his parents home by one of those who turned up at the scene of the incident, the boy replied by saying “he will get his mother’s attention by scattering the house”.

Here is the video below;

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