Nigerian man mercilessly tortured after his relative left him with drug lords as a collateral cries out for help

A harrowing viral video shows a Nigerian man being mercilessly beaten by two men in the Middle East after another Nigerian man used him to collect drugs as a human collateral.

Unfortunately, the man named Andrew, who collected the drugs, did not return and the human collateral has been suffering torture and risks being killed as a result.

In the viral video, the Nigerian man’s hands were bound behind him by the Middle Eastern men as they flogged him. One of the men later pulled a pistol at him, fired but missed his head narrowly.

The man from Nigeria is seen as crying and begging Andrew to show up.

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The man from Nigeria is seen as crying and begging Andrew to show up.

He added that he has told his uncle to sell everything and pay “Nuruz.” He looked into the camera and repeated the plea to his uncle to come and bail him out.

The Nigerian man added that he will be executed if the money Andrew owes to the drug dealers is not paid before July 10th.

“Andrew, look at what you put me through. Look at what you put your brother through. And you say I am your brother,” the Nigerian man cried in agony as they flogged him.

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One of the men is heard saying, “Next time I’m gonna shoot” while holding a gun to the Nigerian man’s head.

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