Nigerian man arrested while charging his laptop in a neighbour’s house remanded in prison for 6 years without trial

After being “wrongly” arrested while charging his laptop at his neighbor’s home, a Twitter user raised concern about a Nigerian man still being held in jail for 6 years without trial.

@hausa_girl who identified the Nigerian man as “Junior” said the criminal the police arrested during a raid at the apartment confirmed Junior was innocent, but they refused to release him.

She tweeted;

This guy has been in maximum prison for six years without trial. He went to charge his laptop in his neighbour’s house. That was how he was raided with the guy. Junior is not a criminal.. Six years of his life is wasted and he’s still awaiting trial.

The criminal they arrested told them Junior was innocent but they didn’t release him. Let’s get him out please..

Our voices has to be heard!!! For how long will innocent people suffer from this failed system? Different cases of juvenile in prison for stealing onion or being in jail for raided with criminals.. He has wasted 6years of his life. This country owes Junior his life!

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