Though the world has many wonders, but a country where there is no night is also no less than any wonder. In those countries the names of these places remain. Meaning this place is very different from normal day and night If you think there will be no people living in these places, then your thinking is wrong because these places are settled in the cities.

Let’s know in which country where there is no night.

  1. Finland

It is a lovely country consisting of thousands of lakes and islands. During the summer season, the sun does not hide here for about 76 days and the daylight remains here. Along with this, even in the night, the sun keeps its light on, it’s a good place to spend summer holidays with walks.

  1. Iceland
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After Great Britain it is the second biggest island in Europe. Iceland is by region the eighteenth largest island in the world, it is said the sun will not sink here from May 10 to the end of July. At this time millions of tourists arrive here to see this place of nature.

  1. Norway

It is also called the country of midnight. Since this country falls within the Arctic Circle, the day and night here are slightly opposite from normal. Here the sun does not sink for about 76 days from May to July because of this there is no night in the month of May July in Norway.

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  1. Sweden

Due to the different geographical location of this country, day and night are different here. In many places in Sweden, the sun does not sink from May to August. There is no night here for about 100 days.

  1. Alaska

This island was once part of Russia, but the US bought it from Russia and since then it is part of America. It is also called the state of beautiful glaciers, in many places here the sun does not sink between May to July, that is, there is no night for some time here. Here the sun sets at around 12:30 in the night and the sunrise also occurs after 51 minutes.

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  1. Canada

One of the largest countries of the world, Canada also has a strange cycle of day and night. This country is covered with snow at certain times of the year, but in its northwestern region, the sun does not sink here for 50 days in the summer days in the year, and there is continuous daylight here.

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