Inside story into the Rwanda-Uganda relations

President Paul Kagame and President Yoweri Museveni are both former bush war rebels who successfully led resistance movements in their countries toppling regimes. Both understand the value of precise intelligence.

However, one would ask why President Museveni can fall victim to sexed-up intelligence with a resource advantage that has resulted in spat and more than a year of border closure and massive wounds to both countries ‘ economies.

There was a sense of hope and happiness after Museveni and Kagame met at the Gatuna border in February that the border would be reopened as soon as possible.

Museveni drove back to Kampala and summoned his security apparatus commanders to the state house, insisting that they come along with all those people who were fighting the Kigali regime.

The CMI chief, Abel Kandiho, phoned all the anti-Kigali elements individually and asked them to come with him to State House for an important discussion with the President.

A source who also attended this meeting, on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, stated that there were about 41 people claiming to be working day and night officially to combat the Kigali regime.

Upon entering the room, Museveni exchanged pleasantries and got into serious discussions. He asked those who had fought against the Kigali government to stand up to see them. According to our source about 41 stood up.

He also requested those in the National Congress of Rwanda (RNC) to stand up- “none of them stood up,” said our source, adding that he asked to see those belonging to FDLR, “also non stoop up”.

Museveni thanked them for helping in ending Rwanda’s aggression towards Uganda but ordered them to immediately stop attacking Kigali. “From today leave Kigali alone, I will handle it alone,” Museveni said as his security commanders were taking notes.

The angered Ugandan president ordered plans for the anti-Kigali elements to evacuate Ugandan territory and move within three months to other countries.

He asked if anybody had any problem or question to ask regarding the instructions.

One of the members of anti-Kigali known as Prossy Boonabana raised her hand and received a microphone. She told Museveni she was a Burundian while her mother is a national of Rwanda.

Boonabana said she wanted protection because she feared that Kigali would eliminate her but Museveni asked her why a short lady of her kind would threaten Kigali. He asked her to leave Kigali alone but they granted her wish.

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Boonabana has been provided with a house and two guards attached to the Army since that meeting.

At the same meeting, former journalist Sula Nuwamanya raised his hand and Museveni asked him to stand up and identify with him. Nuwamanya said he was a Ugandan from the district of Ntungamo. He also requested and was granted protection.

Museveni asked if there were any Rwandans in the meeting but were against the Kigali government. None of them did stand up.  “Very good. All of you are Ugandans. Leave issues of Kigali to me, I will handle them.”

However, Boonabana is an active member of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) but did not acknowledge that to the President. Nuwamanya is also a member of the FDLR and is their point man in Uganda as of today. He also did not admit this fact to President Museveni.

There is undesputed evidence all of them are actively involved in subversive activities against Rwanda.

The Rwandan project has become so lucrative that several security agents of Uganda want to be involved and make easy money.

However, the high ranking government officials are scared to get involved because whenever anyone tries to, they are accused of receiving money from Kigali.

Massive amounts of cash are being distributed to facilitate the anti-Kigali elements in Uganda. It is this money that anti-Kigali network uses to buy off some commanders, desk directors and agents in the different security agencies including ISO, CMI, SFC, ESO and the counterterrorism desks.

The source of money has been traced to a Namamve based office at the Meridian Tobbacco Company and Leaf Tobacco and commodities. This is the company owned by Rujugiro Ayabatwa Tribert.

Rujugiro is said to have sourced the manager from Rwanda to go and take care of his Tobbaco Business in Uganda.

According to sources, the manager is related to a wife of a very high profile official in Rwanda.

After Kigali exposed Rujugiro’s company and its links to Gen. Salim Saleh and RNC, there was a quick intervention sourced to clean up the company’s image.

Museveni was very angry and summoned Rujugiro to State house over Kigali’s concerns. Rujugiro denied any workings with RNC.

The company was looking to hire someone to clean up its image and fell for Nuwamanya and Boonabana. They were hired. Every month they get a salary worth Shs2.5 million each. However, Rujugiro doesn’t know they work at his company.

Nuwamanya and Boonabana realized that the manager was a very big opportunity to exploit for their deadly ventures. Our source says the manager is sympathetic to RNC.

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For example on June 17, 2019, a secretive meeting was held in the manager’s office.

Nuwamanya and Boonabana were part of this meeting that lasted several hours. US$50,000 was extended to the two in cash. This is approximately Shs185,000,000 capable of influencing anything in the Ugandan society.

The two are said to have divided this money. US$20,000 deposited to Boonabana’s account at Cairo International Bank while Nuwamanya deposited his U$30,000 at a DTB bank account.

The duo also bought a car which they currently use to traverse the country especially reaching areas with large numbers of Banyarwanda.

They threaten, blackmail and intimidate and extort money from Banyarwanda which they deposit of these bank accounts. Those who do not heed are served to security apparatus.

For example dozens of Banyarwanda in Kakumiro have suffered massive arrests, torture and detention at the hands of rogue security operatives acting on fabricated information from Nuwamanya and Boonabana.

Rujugiro has not been informed about this secrete meeting but our informant say he has access to modern security surveillance cameras fitted at the factory.

They show him everyone and anything taking place at this facility. “He can retrieve these images and see the meetings and cash being exchanged,” a source told Taarifa.

Ever since, Museveni asked Rujugiro to stop disturbing Rwanda, the tycoon has since started verifying anything written about him in newspapers and social media. Security apparatus has also warned him that if they land of some vital intel pinning him, he will face consequences.

However, Rujugiro has not been smart enough to verify that some of the employees in his Tobacco Company are the instigators of trouble and suffering of Banyarwanda in Uganda and the eventual cause of tension.

Using Rujugiro’s money and after winning Museveni’s protection, Nuwamanya and Boonabana have managed to gain credibility among the security organs.

Whatever fabricated information they deliver to these organs is taken seriously. “During Joint Intel briefings, different security officers present information believing it is from different sources not knowing it is generated by one source,” a source explained.

Ugandan intelligence organs have been profiling many people perceived to be with Rwandan ancestral roots. Many have been arrested, electronic gadgets confiscated and their homes searched. They are looking for any vital leads of Rwanda’s possible ventures in Uganda.


Since Sula Nuwamanya and Boonabana have secured state protection and accommodation on orders from President Museveni, they are using their enhanced status to threaten and blackmail most Rwandans in Uganda especially those with businesses. It is a form of survival. This is how they make money and share with corrupt intelligence officers.

“They identify Rwandans operating successful business, they come to you with several threats and request for money. If you don’t provide, they will concoct a lot of things about you and inform their collaborators in the security apparatus,” a source said, adding that “then you get arrested.”

According to this source, for a target that is found in possession with any Rwandan document (ID, Passport, laissez passé), they are detained, tortured and money extorted from them as they plead for mercy. These are the ones that get dumped at the Rwandan border after enduring months in detention.

Because of this growing trend of arrest and torture, most Rwandans legitimately in Uganda are living in fear because of being perceived as Kigali spies. They are losing business deals and credibility in society. Some of their marriages and friendships are breaking up.

A group of Banyarwanda in Uganda is preparing a joint petition seeking intervention from court and President Museveni. “They want to register their concerns against torture and business losses and want Museveni to probe his security apparatus,” a source said.

In March 2019, President Kagame looked through all the possible solutions and found that by closing the borders and preventing Rwandans from travelling to Uganda would leave the ball in the hands of Museveni.

Since Rwanda closed its borders, it means Uganda cannot continue claiming that there is an influx of Rwandans into its territory.

It has been a back and forth engagement between the two governments; meetings after meetings, several hours of phone calls, dropping and appointing ministers.

The two sides have also made some arrests of members in their security apparatuses; a clear proof of acting to fix intelligence failures.

A forensic audit of the Uganda-Rwanda quagmire shows that President Museveni wants relations with Rwanda permanently repaired but is very skeptical on how to do it because for so long he has been fed with hyped intelligence that Rwanda is a threat to his regime.

Nuwamanya and Boonabana believe that by consistently disrupting Rwanda and Uganda relations, they will be facilitated to leave Uganda and be relocated to Europe, Australia or preferably the United States.

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