Ferwafa dismisses Gicumbi and Heroes’ relegation appeal

The local governing body for football (Ferwafa) dismissed an appeal lodged by Gicumbi and Heroes FC after both sides protested their ‘unfair relegation’ from the Rwanda Premier League.

A fortnight ago, Ferwafa announced that the 2019/2020 season had ended prematurely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision meant that the two clubs at the bottom of the table were destined to play in the second division league next season.

Heroes were 15th-placed before the league was suspended indefinitely on March 15, with 16 points, while Gicumbi was 15 bottom.

Two days after Ferwafa ‘s ruling, both teams lodged an appeal to contest their relegation to Ferwafa. They argued that in the remaining matches they had a chance to perform well, and stay in the first division.

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At match-day 23 of the 30-match season, each side remained with 7 games as the league was declared over.

Gicumbi and Heroes also pointed out that the decision was against what had been debated two weeks ago by Ferwafa’s consultative conference, saying the topflight league clubs voted in favor of granting the title to APR leaders, but no relegation would occur.

Ferwafa said when referring to the appeal on Friday 5 June: “The appeals have no legal ground. The Ferwafa Appeals Committee has upheld the decision to relegate Heroes and Gicumbi from Rwanda Premier League following the abrupt end of the season.”

The APR champions will represent the country in the CAF Champions League 2020-21.

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