Health benefits of African oil bean seed (Ugba)

Have ever wondered why the sickness that are present were actually absent back in the days.

Here are More Reasons to include Ugba into your diet

1. Good seed source of Protein

Protein is known as our body’s building block, it is therefore important to ensure we get sufficient protein daily into our diet. Unfortunately, many are not bothered about this and the result is usually a weakened and suppressed immune system. One way I have devised to include this protein rich food to my soup is by pounding or blending is with spices to add as a thickener to my soups thereby increasing its protein content different from meat. It also provide a low cost of protein for those who cannot afford meat or those who are avoiding meat for health reasons.

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2. Anti Inflammatory properties

It is important we work daily to include as many such foods as possible into our diet, anti inflammatory foods helps ward off inflammatory diseases like arthritis and other bone problems, additionally problems like stomach ulcers, tookache, joint pains are better managed with an anti inflammatory diet including protein sources like ugba.

3. Helps in treating Insomnia

The place of good nights sleep towards total wellness cannot be overemphasized. More studies today are showing that more and more people are suffering insomnia, being the inability to sleep refreshingly especially at night over a period of time. Including the paste of this seed in your soups especially towards the even towards the evening helps resolve this problem.

4. Great For Anaemia

An interesting aspect of Ugba which actually drew me closer is its ability to boost the body’s haemoglobin content. Naturally get sufficient iron is far better than resorting the blood synthetic blood tonics that are mostly inflammatory. So if you are working to getting more iron naturally, then go for Ugba.

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5. Healthy Heart

Researchers in Africa discovered that the fermented seed of ‘African oil bean could be used to prevent and cure heart failure. Being a source of magnesium, the fermented seed is good for maintaining a healthy heart beat.

6. Fertility

The fermented seeds are used in preparing herbal medicines for treating fertility. Including the fermented seeds to our soups is also a great way to boost fertility.

7. Cholesterol Reduction

The seed is rich in Saponins, which have been proven effective for reducing plasma Cholesterol, however, it is important to note that saponins are toxic when taken in excess.

8. Cataract Prevention

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Research is showing that eating the fermented seeds regularly may reduce the likelihood of developing cataract. Cataract prevents by clouding of the eyes natural lens, which lies behind the iris and the pupil varying in degree from slight to complete opacity and obstructing the passage of light.

9. Cancer Prevention

Studies in Nigeria is showing that African oil bean seed has the capability of reducing cancer growth. A comparative study carried out in Nigeria revealed that cancer patients who ate fermented African oil bean seeds during the research period recorded a great reduction in cancer risks and growth unlike those who did not.

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