Nigerian woman writes on her escapades with other girls in a hotel at Ekpoma

A Nigeria woman which identified herself as StMarian Ima Marcian took to Facebook to show girls and women how they can enjoy themselves in a hotel without their boyfriends or their husband while describing her escapades with other girls in a hotel in Ekpoma.

This is what she has to say:

Why do the average Nigerian men think that the only thing every woman goes to do in a hotel is to f”*k. I mean,I have had several business appointment that took me out of town that required me staying in hotels.

There was even a time I had a fight with my ex husband. I was sick of the energy around and just decided to check into a hotel and I was there for two weeks just to clear my head and think straight.

Me and my frd den we put funds together as teenage girls and just check into hotels for the fun of it. Just breath fresh air in another location without any one else…

I can remember this one time, my 1st time ever leaving Benin we both took a trip to ekpoma just to go lodge in an hotel just for fun on getting there they refuse giving us a room bcos dey saw us as small small girls lol
Unknowingly to us it was d period d school was doing their post UME and d receptionist said maybe dey came for d exam and my frd over heard her and quickly said yes, we came for d exam but we don’t have anybody to stay with that’s why we came to pass d night here and that was how we got a room and stayed for three days and d hotel feel am say dem get customers bcos we patronised dem more dan d so called pot belly men that bring in young girls.
IMA is a lover of life and her happiness is her no one priority in life.

Women stop waiting for a man to spoil u if u have money spoil ur self if u don’t know how to spoil ur self call IMA to come join u and I bet u will not remember ur man throughout d moment we will b together lol

I’m pained that our mentality is so low!!!
Dear men… Everything doesn’t revolve around your di*ck…

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