Sex-starved housewife drags husband to court

On Monday, a housewife, Talatu, dragged her husband, Nasiru Sulaiman, before a Sharia Court ll, sitting in Magajin Gari, Kaduna State, seeking legal divorce stating she was sexually starved for five years.

Talatu, 35, who lives in Makera, Kaduna, informed the court that for five years Sulaiman had refused her sex.

“We have six children but he has refused to enroll them in school. I enrolled them but he pulled them out, saying that I want to change their belief from his school of thoughts.

“For nine months now they have not been to school.

“The house we live in is dilapidated. It is infested by rats, He gives me only N300 to feed his seven children.

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“Sometimes I go out to do menial jobs to assist the family but he accuses me of prostitution. I can’t continue living with him. I want a divorce,” she said.

The defendant, Sulaiman, dismissed his wife’s claims.

”When I left, my wife was pregnant. When I came back, she told me that he had an abortion because she does not want to bear any child,” he said.

Sulaiman admitted that he gave his wife N300 every day because he had all the foodstuff in his house.

The judge, Murtala Nasir, instructed both sides to find a amicable solution to their issues.

Mr Nasir adjourned the case for the resolution or continuation of hearing report until September 23.

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