President Kagame meets over 3000 youth

President Paul Kagame met on Wednesday at the Intare Conference Arena in Rusororo Sector, Gasabo District,   with over 3,000 Rwandan youth from across the nation and the diaspora.

The forum is component of the series “Meet the President,” where the Head of State is conducting discussions with different Rwandan classifications.

The meeting seeks to engage the young generation on domestic aspirations inspired by the country’s Vision 2050 for the next 25 years and to encourage them to be self-driven to guarantee sustainability and continuity for the socio-economic progress Rwanda has made to date.

The President Kagame told the Youth,” If we don’t develop it in our culture and mindset, that all these things we are trying to achieve are good for us and that we are not doing anything to impress anybody, then, everything we discussed here will come to waste.”

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It also aims to foster an awareness of liberation as an intergenerational path that is essential for Rwandans ‘ lives to be sustainably improved.

The gathering is organized by the Ministry of Youth under the theme of “The Promise of a Generation,” as a means  of consolidating values of unity and self-reliance among young Rwandans.

President Kagame encouraged them to freely express themselves and challenge themselves and learn from each other at the start of the discussion with the youth.

“Let’s challenge ourselves and each other,” Kagame urged the youth.

“Ask yourself why Africa has been underdeveloped and yet is not lacking anything. Not  resources .not people.If you go to Asia, America, Europe, you will find Africans who are among the best in their fields.”

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Furaha, one of the youth participants at the event, who is a Djibouti-based Rwandan, urged diaspora fellow Rwandans around the world to keep their country at heart.

“Wherever you go, don’t forget where you come from. Don’t say that what happened in Rwanda doesn’t concern you. We see that our families here in Rwanda today are safe and we always have to fight for our country,” she said.

Participants at the conference include youth officials from the National Youth Council, young professionals, young entrepreneurs, high school students, leaders of various youth organizations, diaspora Rwandan youth, as well as Indangamirwa Civic Education Program graduates.

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