MINAGRI under severe scrutiny by parliament

his afternoon, Parliament will present information of an inquiry into alleged scandals, mismanagement and failures plaguing the agriculture ministry.

A report from the Parliamentary Committee indicates project gaps and shortcomings, misuse of resources and bad planning.

Among other faults, the study cites MINAGRI’s absence of internal coordination, but also with other organizations like MINICOM.

The study indicates a lack of adequate national research policy and a general absence of research funds.

The national Soya beans research, assigned for the year only Rwf 3 million, is an illustration quoted.

Another is the failure to provide a three-year banana hybrid researcher and research stations with no personnel and tools for infrastructure.

Most researchers have to find funds for their own research and rely solely on writing donor grant proposals to fund their research.

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The report also reveals issues in the entire supply chain of agricultural inputs, seeds and fertilizer that do not arrive on time or at all, tenders that are not paid on time and money are wasted.

However, a source informed reporters that after being summoned twice and setting up an inquiry committee, the Minister of Agriculture may not appear today.

The next step, said the source, is either to exonerate her or make a vote of no confidence.

In other words, the minister could face impeachment if the report is sufficiently convincing. This implies that Parliament could call for her to be dismissed or resigned.

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