A senior local administrative chief in the region informed APA by telephone,”   After an illegal chalk mine collapsed in Karongi district in western province of Rwanda, at least one person was murdered early on Monday.”

Bwishyura’s Executive Secretary, a village in Karongi district where the mine collapsed, Phanuel Uwimana, said that the victim died immediately.

“The collapsed chalk mine, which has been suspended since 2012, was run by a private company”, Uwimana said.

Four individuals were reported dead in April this year, while two others were critically wounded in a crash of  a cassiterite mine in the Nyarugenge district of Mageragere Sector.

Rwanda is the fourth largest producer of tantalum a metal used in different manufacturing techniques in the world.

Illegal exploitation and trade in mineral resources in distant regions of the East African country, however, are prevalent.

Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board government reports suggest that the nation presently has more than 3,000 mining sites.

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However, in order to decrease the loss of 50 percent of minerals induced by bad mining norms, there is still a  lack  of contemporary mining methods required.

Approximately 150 individuals have been murdered since 2018 as a result of mining accidents triggered by bad  methods..

According to formal predictions, the Rwandan government is targeting $1.5 billion in annual mineral export profits  by 2024.

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