ZeeZee, Kannywood’s actress, releases clip of first music video

The release of her new musical single was announced by a Kannywood actress, Ummi ZeeZee.

The song is titled Janglover.

On Sunday, Zeezee uploaded the single clip on her Instagram page.

“The Video Album will drop soon,” Zeezee wrote on her Instagram page.

The 17-second clip shows Zeezee showing her various dance styles in distinct outfits.

The actress’s friends and colleagues responded to the post.

“What Zee Zee has just done is a challenge for other actors that if they attempt to sing too, they can also make good of their talent,” wrote a fan on Twitter, Hauwa.

“Men actors are the leader in singing, like Zango, M Sheriff and others, now a female has created a challenge,” Hauwa wrote.

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