Projector screen: A major audio-visual device used in teaching and learning


Audio–visual devices are group of devices used in facilitating teaching and learning by the used of sensory power for effective communication;these devices help to enhance effective teaching and can also be said as power medium for communication.

These devices gives audience the best opportunity to see when a health practitioner is health educating. Audio-visual devices are produced, distributed and used as planned component of education program. They help in the process of learning that is motivated, classification and stimulation.

According to Ode (2014) audio visual devices are devices by the use of which communication of ideas betweens person and group in various teaching and learning situation is helped. Due to their importance in teaching and learning they range between television, projector, projector screen, computer and radio etc.

Importance of audio – visual devices

  1. They help in propagating news all over the places.
  2. It increases interest and enhance learning.
  3. The sight and sound makes learning to be excellent.
  4. They help in effective perceptual and conceptual learning.
  5. They are also helpful in capturing and sustaining attention of audience..
  6. They are useful in education of masses.
  7. It helps in new learning.
  8. They can meet individual demand.
  9. They generate interest across different level of students.
  10. It makes class more interactive and interesting.
  11. It strengthens and promotes teacher skill in making teaching and learning process more effective.

Definition of terms

Projector screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structureused in displaying projected image for the view of an audience.

Types of projector screen

  1. Electric screen: These are projector screen that can be wall mounted either ceiling mounted or ceiling recessed that uses remote control or wall mounted switch for its functioning.
  2. Pull-down screen: (Also known as manual wall screen) are often used in space where a permanently install screen would require too much space.
  3. Fixed-frame screen: Itprovides the greatest level of uniform tension on the screen surface resulting in the optimal image quality.
  4. Tripod projector screen: Just as the name implies the screen is set up on a tripod stand at your presentation venue and not meant to be fix on a wall. It is use for business presentation or evangelism where some presentations are available to be projected to the audience. This screen is a good companion to your portable projector.

Importance of projector screen

The importance of projector screen cannot be over emphasized thus:

  1. It allows audience to see the real item that is displayed.
  2. They are used to display or project image for the benefit of many viewers.
  3. They are helpful in the presentation of seminar and training purposes.
  4. It enables people to follow and see the content of an image and picture at large gathering.
  5. It has good brightness and viability.
  6. It makes the sense of sight of learner to be fully engaged.
  7. It allows the teacher to impact knowledge to an audience within a short time.
  8. All figures, images and graphics are well explained and defined with ease which make it easier for the observer to understand.
  9. Ithelps to present an important subject in front of people without any obstruction.

Benefits of projector screen

  1. They serve as a means of presenting health information and enlightenment.
  2. To promote the skills of the listener during presentation
  3. To make your audience understand your ideas, you can use projector screen toexplain each main point as you begin discussion of that point and illustrate important ideas.
  4. Presentation is more memorable thus increases the chance that what you said will be remembered.
  5. Largest possible image pictures are been generated by the use of the screen.
  6. It supports presenter’s voice and built-in closed captioning capabilities.

Projector screen component

Projector tripod stand screen consist of the following;

  1. Structure: The structure encompasses;
  • The Pulling Rod
  • The Black Border
  • The Screen
  • The Housing
  • The Tripod Stand
  1. Installing principle/operational principle;
  • Open the tripod feet first,
  • Pull out the upper ball to a suitable height and lock it.
  • Hang the pulling rod above to the goose neck and adjust the screen height then finally fix/lock it at a satisfied position which you want.
  • After using, release the screen and put it back to the housing.
  1. Care and maintenance;
  • When pulling the screen down, it must be done slowly and verticals, and should not be pull roughly
  • Do not use organic solvents to clean the screen surface, rather clean gentle, by a cotton bud.
  • Keep the screen far away from high temperature object or fire.
  • Chemical substance should not be splash on the screen surface.


People can get efficient and high quality superior image with the help of projector screen, when projector screen are maintained in a perfect and clean manner. It is clear that projector screen is animportant tool or device use in teaching and learning process. It helpsteachers to present the lesson effectively and student learn and retain the concept better and for longer duration.


We thereby recommend that teacher/lecturer should be well trained through in-service’s training to maximize the benefits of using this device, and curriculum should be designed such that there are option to activity based learning through projector screen. In addition, government should provide resources to purchase audio-visual devices in schools and health institutions.


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