Reasons why youths abuse drugs for sexual enhancement

Youthful age is a period of self-exploration which includes the use of drug abuse for sexual enhancement. Some of the reasons behind drug abuse as sexual enhancement by youth include the following;

  1. Premature ejaculation: Youths are usually faced with some kind of anxiety when it comes to sex. This anxiety contributes to the occurrence of premature ejaculation. As a means of escaping from premature ejaculation, youth resort to the use of some medications which they believe prevent premature ejaculation (Califano, 2011).
  2. Peer pressure: Peer pressure is a powerful force at any stage of life, but it is especially influential among youths. This contributes in a large extent to youth’s involvement in drug abuse for sexual enhancement. This occurs in form of stories from other youths about their sexual experience after the use of a certain drug or by saying that it was a doctor’s or an older adult prescription (Califano, 2011)
  3. Modelling their parents: Youths that grow up with parents who abuse drugs as sexual enhancement often follow suit. After all, that’s what they know and what they have learned. Not to mention, if one or both parents are actively abusing drugs for sexual enhancement they often have easy access as well (Califano, 2011).
  4. Curiosity: The desire for new sexual experience contributes to youths involvement in drug abuse for sexual enhancement. This is often as a result of information obtain from their friends or published materials which are usually advertisements from sexual enhance drug (Joe & Simpson, 2013)
  5. Ignorance: Youths experiment the use of drug for sexual enhancement because they simply do not have enough information or experience. They usually have a feeling that every other person out there is doing It so they have a very strong desire to be like them (Joe & Simpson, 2013).
  6. Addiction: Youths usually do not use drugs for sexual enhancement with the intent of becoming addicted. In fact, they belief that they are still intact belief and that they are invincible. They just belief that they are just experimenting, having fun, or seeking a temporary escape from a poor sexual experience. By repeated use of certain drugs as sexual enhancement, they discover that they have gotten hooked and cannot escape from the grip of those drugs(Joe & Simpson, 2013).


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Joe, G.W. & Simpson, D. D. (2013).HIV risks, gender, and cocaine use among opiate users. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 37(1),23-28.

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