Reasons why you should never use sexual enhancement drugs

Most men love to improve their sexual performance by using sexual enhancement drugs (Popoola, 2015). These drugs or supplement dilate the blood vessels and make blood rush more into the penis during sexual stimulation, most of the sexual enhancement drugs in addition to boosting sexual zeal and performance also help treat erectile dysfunction. Drugs like Viagra are approved and often prescribed to men. However, there are lots of products in the market with similar composition to sildenatil, the active ingredients of Viagra. These drugs are many in the market and could be bought without prescription. Thus, the use of sexual enhancement drugs have become a huge point of concern as it is difficult for one to judge their potentiality with reference to the health of the users. Some of these drugs in the market are rock hard, man up, tramadol etc.

Popoola (2015) explain the risks accrue to the usage of sexual enhancement drugs and other herbal mixtures as follows.

  1. The use of unknown ingredients

The Rock hard for men is said to contain Tadalafil, a similar ingredient to sildenatil of Viagra. Most of these sexual enhancer contain ingredients that aren’t known or tainted counterfeit of other products. In the production of the new drugs, illegal manufacturers search through patients applications for analogue compound that would have similar effects on the patients or consumer. Many of the chemicals they use haven’t been tested on animals, their sole aim is for profit maximization, most youths patronize these products without knowing the ingredients and the adverse effects they could have using them.

  1. Interaction with body system

Since it is difficult to ascertain the various ingredients used in the production of many of these sexual enhancement drugs or supplements, It becomes totally unsafe for the users. Each dose taken may contain more ingredients than stipulated, this would have lethal effect on the users. Overdose of these drugs or supplement have the ability to make older men could cardiac arrest while younger and agile men could slip into coma (Popoola, 2015).

  1. Drug abuse

Erectile dysfunction could be warning sign of a heart condition, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease often have nitrate in their prescribed drugs. These men often suffer erectile dysfunction, taking sexual enhancement drugs or mixtures aimed at boosting their sexual activities could put them at risk.

  1. Use of locally made sexual formula

The locally made sexual enhancers as alternative to the expensive Viagra carries as many risks as those pills. Sales of these products seem to boom when people see the products with labels on them. They assume they are safe and could be trusted. Most of these herbal mixtures are made with unknown ingredients and hardly come with prescription. Long term use of most of these unorthodox mixtures often results in kidney and liver problems.

Viagra itself contains sildenatil which could cause hypotension, the lowering of the blood pressure to a dangerously low level, blue vision and eventually death (Temitope, 2015). Many youths are often warned to stay off certain medications as a result of their interaction with the blood pressure. However, taking sexual enhancement drugs or mixtures make them incur the same risk as they may contain the same active ingredients they tried avoiding in the medications. Since the intake of these drugs have everything to do with health, it would be wise to check out some of the unapproved products that are sold in order to avoid consuming them.

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