Recruiting tips to grow your affiliate marketing business

Let’s face it, not all of us like to recruit… especially when it means getting to speak with people that are totally unaware of what affiliate marketing is and we need to explain the same over and over…. So… why bother? Why wasting my time recruiting?

Well… because if you don’t grow your team members it will be extremely hard to succeed in affiliate marketing business. It is possible to succeed in affiliate marketing without other team members but it will take you extra work and at the end extra time!

So… don’t be afraid of recruiting!
Here are some tips:

  • Use Social Media: We all know the power of social media in these days so why not leverage from it? Why not use Social media to recruit new affiliates?
  • Create a blog: Unfortunately, Facebook tends to block most of all the affiliate marketing Gateways so I recommend you to create a blog in which you share your Gateway link! Of course… the link you will post on Facebook will be the one for your blog but from your blog, new affiliates will be redirected to your Gateway link!
  • Create a script: The basic information from affiliate marketing website and what the work as an affiliate is will always be the same so, you can write a script in order to promote your blog and your gateway links.
  • Talk with friends/family: Explain to them what you do in your affiliate marketing business, what you have achieved and what your goal is… this will definitely make others excited about your affiliate marketing business and you might even get instant active team members!

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