The rights of a child as declared by the United Nations

Below are some of the rights of a child as declared by the United Nations:

1.          Care: Both parents have common responsibilities for upbringing and development of the child. Therefore children of working class parents have the right to benefit from child care services.

2.        Information: The child shall have access to information and materials from a diversity of national and international sources especially those aimed at the promotion of his social and moral well-being.

3.          Self-reliance: A mentally or physically disabled child should enjoy a decent life in condition which ensure dignity, promote self-reliance.

4.          Mental care: It is the right of the child to enjoy the highest attainable standard of health facilities for the treatment of illness and rehabilitation.

5.          Security: The child has the right to benefit from social security to his/her life and properties.

6.          Education: The child has the right to education and also equal opportunity of financial assistance in case of need.

7.          Religion: The child has the right to practice any culture or religion of his/her choice.

8.          Life: The child has the right to live without anybody taking their life for any reason.

9.          Rest: The child has the right to rest and leisure and to engage in any play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in any cultural life and arts.

10.       Trace parents: Organisations cooperating to assist a child trace his parents or family members shall accord protection to the child until they are found.

11.       Right to respect: It states parties shall respect and ensure the right set forth in the present convention to each child within, their jurisdiction without discrimination of any kind. Irrespective of the child parent, colour, language, religion, etc.

12.       Right to age: States that every human being below eighteen (18) years of age is a child.

13.       Right to identity: The child has right to present his/her identity, including name, nationality and family without unlawful interference.

14.       Right to interest: In all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private, social welfare institution, the interest of the child shall be primary.

15.       Registered: The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name and to acquire nationality.

16.       Expression: The child has the freedom of expression in all matters affecting the child. For this purpose the child shall be provided the opportunity to be heard in any judiciary court of law.

17.       Parents: The child has the right to parent. A child shall not be separated from his/her parents against their will.

18.       Protection: The child has the right to be protected by his/her parent/family and his nation at large from any maltreatment such as violence, sexual abuse, neglect, etc.

19.       Privacy: No child shall be subjected to unlawful interference with his/her privacy.

20.       Association: The child has the freedom to associate with any group of interest such as religion and political parties of his/her own.

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