Environmental sanitation practice in Nigeria

During the pre-independence era (1990-1960) several legislature controls were in place into addressing the problem of environmental sanitation practice in Nigeria. Among these was the popular Cantonment Proclamation of 1904 on the layout and sanitation of Government Reserve Areas (G.R.A) Local Government Ordinance 1950.

According to Public Health Law (1976) which empowers environmental health officer to enter premises in cause of detecting and abatement of nuisance which arise from any premises and routine house-house inspection was equally carried out in other to prevent communicable disease, prolonging life, the pollution and deferment of Nigeria environment and the cleanliness of the environment.

According to Agunwanda (2001) revealed that the government has responsibility in both the collection and the disposal of garbage and refuse. The health authority must shoulder the responsibility for proper sanitation relating to waste/refuse.

There will therefore be need for health ministry of a state and health committee of a local government to work in collaboration with government agency assigned with duty of refuse collection and disposal in order to achieve the component of environmental sanitation.

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