Consequences of poor environmental sanitation

According to Odize (1999), faeces contain billons of pathogenic organisms so their insanitary disposal in the community always provide fruitful ground for infection and because of this act, there is always soil and water pollution. Therefore, if water polluted with faeces is drunk by healthy people, sickness/death may occur and if the faeces are deposited on the soil, arthropods and insects can perch on them and transfer disease in our foods. Through this process one can also get ill as most common sickness and death in our society which is caused by insanitary way of excreta disposal.

According to Unuraye (2007), the following are the health implication of poor environmental sanitation.

  • Poor housing
  • Bushy environment
  • Air, land, and water pollution
  • Improper sitting of offensive trade
  • Indiscriminate disposal of refuse and sewage
  • Lack of wholesome water
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